Broke College Boys – Tucker And Cameron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found Cameron and Tucker in the laundry room doing some laundry. They actually told me it was too hot to be in the pool. Ok, I’m a bit confused by that, but hey it’s up to them if they want to hop in the pool. Cameron found a guy here in town and got laid, but poor Tucker has been striking out and states that he is horny as hell. Neither boy has plans for the afternoon, so I figure I’d find them something to do for a few hours. I just threw out that I’d pay them a couple hundred bucks to fuck each other. They weren’t into that and I had to end up paying them nine hundred dollars each to fuck each other. I can handle that, but they have to really give me some hot action.
Since Cameron was on the washer, Tucker just reaches up and begins to undress and play with his cock. He is in the right position for a body licking and cock sucking and he sure does get it. Cameron is already hard and ready to roll into a hard sex scene. Tucker leans down and begins to suck on that hard dick. Cameron does a great job sucking that dick and deep throats it over and over again and Cameron watches and moans.

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Broke College Boys – Tucker

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When me and the boys went out drinking and left Tucker at home he was pretty upset, but then it seems he found something to keep him occupied. He grabbed up my video equipment and left me a surprise. He found the lube and a toy in the bathroom and began by lubing up his hands and reaching into his pants to grab his dick. He gets that cock hard and it is just moments until he has the vib out and into his hand. He turns it on and begins to use it lightly on his balls as he continues to softly stroke his cock.

Tucker is having a blast as he watches his porn video and uses his vibrator to tickle his balls as he strokes his cock. You can see that he is really enjoying that vid and his facial expressions are great as he plays with his toned sexy lithe body. After awhile he really tarts to get comfortable on the toilet and stretches his leg out so that he can really use that vibrator to his advantage as he continues to stroke his dick. You can see by how Tucker expertly uses that vib that he is no stranger to jerking off his dick. At this point he has stopped watching the vid and is intent on making his cock hard and his hand really starts to jerk his cock as his vib is held under his balls for maximum enjoyment.

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