Broke College Boys – Chris & Seth

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We got Chris and Seth together in a bedroom and the fun began. These guys are both checking out books and I found out that Seth was checking out colleges where he can complete his master’s degree.

Upon our arrival Chris wanted to know why I had my video camera along with me, well I told him I was trying out a new concept. You can tell Chris from Seth by his Mr Evil/Mr Nice hair and dye job. He is majoring in art, IE haircut? LOL Seth is the pencil looking geek and he looks straight as hell, but during our interview I found out that he is bi-sexual.

I found out that Seth lost his virginity at 15 by both girls and boys. He even had some hot sex in a classroom when school wasn’t in session. Chris told us he lost his virginity to a guy in a field. He said it was the most mind blowing sex he has ever had.

At the end of the interview I found out that Chris is a bottom and everyone perked up upon hearing that. I moved right into the odd jobs that we had for the guys to earn some golden coinage. I tried to be cheap and Seth told me no way, he wasn’t touching that cock for less than $200.00. Chris agreed so I got them both to licking and sucking for few hundred dollars. They didn’t need any prompting to get into a 69 position and suck those Oscars. They looked great as they gobbled down each other and moved those dicks back forth deep into each other’s cum hungry mouths. (MORE)

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