Broke College Boys – Richie And Sean

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with a couple of our new friends. Sean and Richie. We met Richie through Jake and he came out to see what kind of trouble he could get into at the house. Jake told us that Richie was a great guy, and fun to hang out and party with. Richie is 22 from Miami Beach, Florida and has been in a few adult movies. He admitted to me that sometimes it is about the money and sometimes it is about having fun. Richie is bisexual and goes both ways.

Sean is hanging out with us as well, and he says that he is gayish, that he isn’t always sure he is gay. He has slept with a girl or two in his time. It wasn’t a big jump from talking about sexuality and stuff, to asking them to blow each other. I started with $500.00, but they bumped it up to $800.00 to see them blow each other. They both agreed and it was on.

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Broke College Boys – Sean And Johnny

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. This is another hidden camera update. I can be a real sneaky bastard sometimes. I think that one of the straight guys at my party is curious about having sex with a gay guy. I want to find out what is going on and have left my camera hidden in the backyard. Let’s see what happens when they hang out in the backyard poolside. The boys get to talking and Sean introduces himself to Johnny and they discuss his curiosity about gay sex and he explains that we have gay sex here all the time and actually shoot porn. Sean does a great job of talking to Johnny and finding out about him and pushing him towards trying a little gay sex.

He pushes and prods until Johnny agrees to let Sean suck his dick. Johnny states he has never had an opportunity or chance to do that, and of course Sean tells him he does now. It takes some working on Sean’s part, but he finally gets to lock his lips around that straight cock of Johnny’s. As they stand up Sean reaches down to rub Johnny’s dick as he gives him a deep French kiss. So far so good, keep going Sean. Johnny mentions that the kiss wasn’t bad and that it was sorta fun. That is when Sean begins to kiss his body and lick his way down to his pants.

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