Broke College Boys – Richie And Sean

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with a couple of our new friends. Sean and Richie. We met Richie through Jake and he came out to see what kind of trouble he could get into at the house. Jake told us that Richie was a great guy, and fun to hang out and party with. Richie is 22 from Miami Beach, Florida and has been in a few adult movies. He admitted to me that sometimes it is about the money and sometimes it is about having fun. Richie is bisexual and goes both ways.

Sean is hanging out with us as well, and he says that he is gayish, that he isn’t always sure he is gay. He has slept with a girl or two in his time. It wasn’t a big jump from talking about sexuality and stuff, to asking them to blow each other. I started with $500.00, but they bumped it up to $800.00 to see them blow each other. They both agreed and it was on.

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Broke College Boys – Richie And Cameron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today is special and things are not going to go the way they usually do. We are having a mini party and we called in a stripper. This video is about what happens when a stripper and three boys are let loose in the living room.
As we watch our sexy stripper doing his thing on the pole we had erected in the living room the boys actually seem bored. Are they really bored or are they trying to repress those sexual urges in front of the other boys of the house.

After watching the stripper doing his dance in his white undies it seems all the boys are still a bit up tight even though they are putting a few dollars in his pants. It is Cameron that actually lets loose first when the stripper pulls him up on stage and begins to have his way with him ever so lightly.

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Broke College Boys – Richie & Reigner

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Guys. Today I have Richie and Reigner hanging out with me; well I’m hanging out with them. They are just hanging out at the house having a good time; I caught Richie in the pool last night. Reigner just came by to check out the party last night and what was happening in the house today. Richie says he is looking for something exciting to do and of course asking me well that could get him into a lot of trouble huh? Reigner needs cash for rent again, I think I’ve paid his rent for the past 3 months so I know where he is headed and I hope Richie is on that track as well. Richie mentions that he needs money too. That leads me to believe we are going to be heading towards my normal goal here in a moment.

I just went for the kill and asked them if they would fuck for $500.00. Reigner tells Richie to hold out for more cash and offers me $800.00 to watch them fuck. Riche agrees to the eight-hundred and off these boys go for a hot fuck session while we watch. Richie gets up to get closer and kiss Reigner. When he gets closer Reigner grabs that ass and pulls him closer in. That was a quick hot moment. Then they begin to take off those shirts and show us some skin. I am curious why is it that gay men always pull each other’s belts off when they get ready to fuck. Richie states it is because it gets them ready, and Reigner states it’s because it is hot. I guess that answers my question huh? What do you guys think? This question is driving me bananas.

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