Broke College Boys – Eric And Reigner

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I was hanging out in the kitchen with Eric and Reigner. Eric is back for the summer and Reigner dropped in to check out the new guy. Reigner has found a kicking job that he likes and is making some cash, but Eric is still in college and in need of cash. I got right to the meat of the issue and offered these hot boys six hundred dollars to fuck for me, and that wasn’t enough for Eric. He has tuition to pay, so I offered them both eight hundred dollars to screw for me. They bitched a bit, but eventually agreed to fuck for eight hundred dollars. As soon as they agreed they stood up and began kissing across the table. I mentioned that it will probably be hard with a table in the way and Reigner states we will make it work. That is exactly what I wanted to hear.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron & Reigner

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am sitting here with Aaron and Reigner. Aaron is nineteen and spent the summer just fucking around not working at all. Reigner is twenty and states that he knows Aaron from the college bookstore. They both are pretty broke and in need of tuition money. I explained to Reigner that I pay some cash for odd jobs. I like Reigner he was easy. He showed me his cock for thirty bucks. I like the way this is heading. He just whipped that cock out of his Calvin Klein undies. Then I offered a hundred dollars to blow each other. I’m pretty sure that Reigner would have been ok with it, but as usual Aaron shoots me down. He states that he would do it for $300.00. Reigner agrees that would work for him too.

They begin kissing and it is Aaron who makes the first move and helps Reigner out of his undies. He just pulls them down he didn’t work them all the way off. He sucks that cock and Reigner moans in delight. Then he rolls off and Aaron returns the favor helping him out of his shorts and then reaches into his underwear to grab his semi hard cock. He begins to suck on that dick and Aaron leans back and just enjoys that tongue and mouth on his hard dick.

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Broke College Boys – College Boy Threesome

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Reigner who is twenty years old and Matt who is twenty-two years old. The guys were playing basketball and Reigner beat Matt in the game, but Matt is a lacrosse player, but that really isn’t an excuse for losing. It might be because Reigner kept really close to him on the defense. He wanted more than to play basketball with him, I know I watched them from the window for awhile.
I asked Reigner how he liked hanging out with Eric the last time he was here, and he said he enjoyed playing with Eric. He says that Matt is hot as hell though and he is all over that. I knew that this would be like shooting fish in a barrel and I offered five hundred for him to get busy with Matt. Matt states that his tuition is eight hundred and after sighing and bitching a bit I agreed. I am always trying to help the needy in college.

After agreeing they began to kiss and fondle each other. These guys look so great together they are on fire. As they are kissing on the couch I happen to catch Eric on the outside patio looking in an stroking his cock. Matt and Reigner haven’t noticed him yet, and they continue to kiss and Reigner works his way down Matt’s hot body. Reigner slips Matt’s pants down and begins to lick, kiss and suck on Matt’s dick. Eric has his cock out and in his hand watching this action as he leans against the window for a better view. As Reigner sucks on Matt’s dick he plays with his own cock. I notice Matt moving away from the window to sneak inside with the guys. He tells them this looks like fun and they agree to have him join them saying the more the merrier. He jumps right in and all three boys are kissing together.

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Broke College Boys – Richie & Reigner

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Guys. Today I have Richie and Reigner hanging out with me; well I’m hanging out with them. They are just hanging out at the house having a good time; I caught Richie in the pool last night. Reigner just came by to check out the party last night and what was happening in the house today. Richie says he is looking for something exciting to do and of course asking me well that could get him into a lot of trouble huh? Reigner needs cash for rent again, I think I’ve paid his rent for the past 3 months so I know where he is headed and I hope Richie is on that track as well. Richie mentions that he needs money too. That leads me to believe we are going to be heading towards my normal goal here in a moment.

I just went for the kill and asked them if they would fuck for $500.00. Reigner tells Richie to hold out for more cash and offers me $800.00 to watch them fuck. Riche agrees to the eight-hundred and off these boys go for a hot fuck session while we watch. Richie gets up to get closer and kiss Reigner. When he gets closer Reigner grabs that ass and pulls him closer in. That was a quick hot moment. Then they begin to take off those shirts and show us some skin. I am curious why is it that gay men always pull each other’s belts off when they get ready to fuck. Richie states it is because it gets them ready, and Reigner states it’s because it is hot. I guess that answers my question huh? What do you guys think? This question is driving me bananas.

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Broke College Boys – Mark And Reigner

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. This was taken while I was out on vacation, so let’s see how the guys did while I was gone. They got Mark and Reigner together, and asked them point blank how much it would cost for them to get naked. They started out with $500.00. I was a bit shocked, that’s a lot of green just to see skin, but then after these boys began to get naked they looked great together! They did agree to get each other off for an addition $150.00 so that wasn’t too bad right? Mark jumped right on Reigner’s cock and began deep throating that dick like he was starving to death and needed that cock to stay alive. Now that is the type of cock sucking that I enjoy watching.

Then they swapped places and Reigner was fondling Mark’s dick as he gave him deep French kisses. I really wish I had been there to see this hot action in person. They continued to kiss and jerk on their cocks as they did so.

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