Broke College Boys – Reaper And Blake

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I was sitting around with Blake and Reaper, and Reaper was telling us about his boarding accident. He was watching a fine ass babe when he fell and hurt himself. He even showed us his road rash he got during the incident. After seeing a bit of his naked hip, I decided to just go for broke. I offered them $50.00 to take off their shirts that was an easy request. We can now see these two hot boys with their shirts off. They look a bit tanned then before; I guess they are hanging outside shirtless. I then took the next step and I talked them into doing more than taking off their clothes. I talked to them a bit and as we know Blake is a horny guy, and Reaper of course had his first sexual experience with a guy for us as you saw in our updates from before.

I was shocked to find out Reaper is bigger than he looks. We started to talk about weight as Blake went to take off his pants and get to his cock. Reaper weighs 140 and that is a bit shocking. He sure doesn’t look it. You can tell by Reaper’s face that he is enjoying how Blake is sucking on his cock. He even puts his hand on Blake’s head to help him go up and down. Then it was Reapers turn to take on Blake’s cock and he did a good job starting with some jerking and then lowering himself down to bob up and down on that hard dick using his hand as well. Blake sure is enjoying that.

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Broke College Boys – Reaper And Chris

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Chris brought Reaper with him because Reaper needs to move. He is a skater and it seems no one likes him. Reaper is nineteen and Chris is twenty. Chris has tuition due again and he needs cash. I found out that Reaper is straight and Chris of course is gay. Reaper seems to be pretty open-minded; his last sexual experience was with a girl that included bondage and even some golden showers. He states that was getting pussy and he went along with it so he could get that pussy. I told him that since he is so open minded then perhaps this might be a good chance to try something new. He did mention that has fooled around a bit with other guys when he was drinking. He has blown a guy and gotten blown.

I offered $50.00 for him to go down on Chris, and he stated no, He isn’t drunk this time. He decided to do it for $100.00. Chris is already hard as Reaper pulls his pants down, and then I talked Reaper into sucking on that cock and Chris states that he is doing a pretty good job so far even if he is sober. Reaper states it tastes like skin when I asked him how it tasted. After a little while he states this isn’t half bad. That was pretty shocking coming from a straight guy. As he is sucking Chris sneaks his hand up and begins to rub his neck and head a bit. Reaper is even getting a bit hard while he sucks on Chris’ big dick. He decides that kicking back and letting Chris suck his dick wouldn’t be a bad idea. Chris looks great as he sucks on Reaper’s dick. Chris has a fine body and no matter what he is doing he looks good doing it. Reaper is enjoying the pleasure of Chris’s mouth on his cock.

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