Broke College Boys – Max And CJ

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Max and CJ are cleaning up the shower after a long weekend. The shower is really dirty from a lot of usage so it really needs a good cleaning. The guys had a great vacation; met new people, went swimming and even did a bit of tourist shopping. Both of these boys bought a cactus to take home. I teased them that they were taking home a bunch of little pricks. Cj states that he likes big pricks and I mention that he is standing next to one. I’ve heard rumors that Max has a big prick. Cj grabs Max’s package in his boxers. We chatted a bit more and Max states how about I cut to the chase and you pay me $1,000.00 to fuck him. Cj states that he will even show off his flexibility.

He takes his undies off stating he doesn’t want to get them wet. Max chimes in that you know you’re gay if you don’t want to get your undies wet. Then turns around and soaks his own boxers in the water. Cj states that he likes expensive shit and doesn’t want it ruined. He then proceeds to get on the shower floor where he puts one leg up and around his neck. Now that was damn impressive. He states he used to be able to suck his own cock. Shit, I’d never leave the house if I could do that. I agreed on the thousand and Max starts to peel off his clothes. Cj has a nice package and he states that he told it was good. When we get Max and Cj’s cock together we are talking foot long ballpark plump when you fuck them cocks.

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Broke College Boys – Max And Lucky

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I found Max and Lucky in the back of a bus. They were cleaning up after a big party that they went to last night. Max is the 19 year old, which is why he didn’t get drunk last night. Lucky is 22 and says that he is six foot two. When I asked Max how tall he was he stated six foot twoish. Ish is always a fun word I think. He states that Lucky is a bit taller than he is, but he thinks it is because of the hair. The boys tell me they have been lounging around grabbing some rays for the past few days. Lucky came down for a holiday and he is looking for work as usual, and Max is also looking for cash. I told them that I always have money and I cut to the chase and offered them a cool grand to fuck each other while I taped them.

Max pops up with he is tired, how can you be tired when your 19 years old. You should have plenty of energy at that age, and I told him so. I told him he should be able to go over and over again, but that’s the problem he has been fucking everything in sight for the past few days. Max counters with $1500.00 and I told him yes, but he had to bottom. He wasn’t too hip with that and didn’t really sound like that was something he wanted to do. Lucky was all up for this, like he wouldn’t be right. Max finally agreed and the guys started making out. These guys know how to kiss. Lucky seems to be taking the first steps and touching Max’s chest a bit. Max hasn’t fucked Lucky yet, but he will now. They continue to kiss each other, licking an nibbling at each other’s lips.

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Broke College Boys – Hot Tub Fun

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Max, CJ, Lucky, and Blake are enjoying my hot tub and I thought we would do some interviewing with them while they were having a good time. You will see more of these boys in later episodes here at Broke College Boys, so this is a fun way to get to know these boys. They quickly paired off with CJ and Max and Blake an Lucky licking and sucking in the water.

If you didn’t notice, let me point out that CJ has a huge fucking cock. That will be a real big beef pole for one of these guys to ride if they get to that point. CJ does a great job sucking on Max’s cock and the water bubbles and fizzes around him as he gobbles on that pole.

In the other corner we have Blake and Lucky who are definitely having a good time as they kiss and fondle each other at the water’s edge. It isn’t long until they swap off again and its Blake and Max and Cj and lucky, these guys want to taste all the flavors before getting down to business. As lucky and CJ are kissing and licking a purple dildo is handed over to them and they get some sexy ideas I am sure. CJ begins to lick and rim Lucky’s tight ass with his tongue. I flipped the camera around to check out Blake as he played cock diver in the hottub and when I turned around CJ was boning Lucky’s tight ass. (MORE)

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