Broke College Boys – Zack And Matt

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I’m hanging out today by the pool with Matt and Zack. These boys look great in their swim togs. I found out that Matt is going to school to be an engineer, and Zack is twenty-one and going to school to be a teacher. He wants to get a degree in teaching, spend all that money and never get it back. Zack is gay, and Matt is bi-sexual. They are both playing the field and free and easy. Since both of these boys are strapped for cash for college, I offered them some cash to play around while I taped them. After negotiations we all agreed on four hundred dollars for a mutual blow job. Zack jumped on both the money and Matt with a hungry appetite. Matt says that Zack is a great cock sucker and his cock gets harder by the moment. Zack makes that dick look like an all day sucker, and he has no inclinations to stop. He loves to deep throat that dick of Matt’s and he makes Matt moan and groan each time he sucks that dick down and into his throat. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – College Boy Threesome

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Reigner who is twenty years old and Matt who is twenty-two years old. The guys were playing basketball and Reigner beat Matt in the game, but Matt is a lacrosse player, but that really isn’t an excuse for losing. It might be because Reigner kept really close to him on the defense. He wanted more than to play basketball with him, I know I watched them from the window for awhile.
I asked Reigner how he liked hanging out with Eric the last time he was here, and he said he enjoyed playing with Eric. He says that Matt is hot as hell though and he is all over that. I knew that this would be like shooting fish in a barrel and I offered five hundred for him to get busy with Matt. Matt states that his tuition is eight hundred and after sighing and bitching a bit I agreed. I am always trying to help the needy in college.

After agreeing they began to kiss and fondle each other. These guys look so great together they are on fire. As they are kissing on the couch I happen to catch Eric on the outside patio looking in an stroking his cock. Matt and Reigner haven’t noticed him yet, and they continue to kiss and Reigner works his way down Matt’s hot body. Reigner slips Matt’s pants down and begins to lick, kiss and suck on Matt’s dick. Eric has his cock out and in his hand watching this action as he leans against the window for a better view. As Reigner sucks on Matt’s dick he plays with his own cock. I notice Matt moving away from the window to sneak inside with the guys. He tells them this looks like fun and they agree to have him join them saying the more the merrier. He jumps right in and all three boys are kissing together.

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Broke College Boys – Eric And Matt

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This is Eric and Matt. I found out both guys are bi-sexual. Eric is 19 and Matt is 22. Eric has a girlfriend, but she has no idea that he is here with us being naughty. Matt is single, he broke up with his girlfriend. She didn’t like he was doing boys although she was licking pussy. Wild, but true. Matt is going to college for engineering. He wants to follow his dad and what he did. Eric is going for his Poly-Sci degree, and has no idea what he is going to do with his life. No one knows where Eric is, he sorta skipped town. The only one that knows he is here is his roommate, and he thinks it is hot that he is here with us. We sat around and talked about sex and virginity for awhile and when I thought they both seemed hip to the idea, I talked to them about doing some nasty things for me for cash.

I started out with an offer of $100.00 each to blow each other, and then I raised it to $200.00 when they started freaking out a little bit. I then offered them both $350.00 each to blow each other. They looked at each other and I knew I had them. I was right they launched right into kissing and jerking on each other. Eric was rock hard by the time that Matt leaned over to suck on his raging hard-on. That dick was thick and huge, but Matt managed to man handle it into his mouth while squeezing on Eric’s balls. He even deep throated it a few times making Eric moan in pleasure. Matt had Eric in heaven as he continued to suck and squeeze his cock and balls. Eric wasn’t sure what to do fly off the couch in ecstasy or explode in pleasure.

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