Broke College Boys – Threeway

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I walked into the dining room and into a strip poker game. Wow is my luck good today. I found Keith, Jake Woods and Mark playing and they were already losing to each other pretty well. I can say I was a bit shocked looking under the table and finding that Jake had already lost his pants. Keith and Mark both attend the college here Keith is a teachers aid, and Mark is a student. You should all recognize Jake Woods from his many video adventures.

Mark is twenty years old and has been in school for about 2 years, and I found out that he is gay, and that he is a true broke college boy. Keith is twenty-four, gay and a TA and he doesn’t make jack shit for cash and ends up eating a lot of ramen noodles.

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Broke College Boys – Thomas, Mark, And Keith

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Once again I take a small trip and come home to some video action that they try to do when I’m gone. This time Aaron takes a turn at the video wheel and I was hoping he steered the porn video down safe waters. I found out quickly as he was interviewing Thomas, Mark, and Keith that he wasn’t to good at the bargaining situation. He spent a lot of my cash on this home video of these three cute guys. If the guys weren’t this cute I’d have been really pissed off. He paid them fifty dollars first to just kiss each other, that was ok, but then he paid them $250.00 more just to strip and they even left on their underwear.

Then he just starts slinging the cash out, he offered Mark another three hundred to give Keith head. At this rate I’ll come back to an empty bank account. Then he gives Keith three hundred to suck on Thomas’ cock. I will say that both Mark and Keith did an excellent job going down on those hard dicks. Then Thomas goes on over to suck on Mark’s dick as Keith kisses him over and over again while stroking his cock. This might pan out to be a great little home video after all. Mark begins to stroke Keith’s dick as Keith watches Thomas suck on Keith’s cock. Everyone seems to be getting very excited and the moaning is increasing. This is when Aaron breaks in and offers them $500.00 to suck and fuck each other. They barter with Aaron and he has to go up to seven-fifty each for this sucking and fucking action. I hope it is worth my hard earned cash.

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Broke College Boys – Mark And Reigner

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. This was taken while I was out on vacation, so let’s see how the guys did while I was gone. They got Mark and Reigner together, and asked them point blank how much it would cost for them to get naked. They started out with $500.00. I was a bit shocked, that’s a lot of green just to see skin, but then after these boys began to get naked they looked great together! They did agree to get each other off for an addition $150.00 so that wasn’t too bad right? Mark jumped right on Reigner’s cock and began deep throating that dick like he was starving to death and needed that cock to stay alive. Now that is the type of cock sucking that I enjoy watching.

Then they swapped places and Reigner was fondling Mark’s dick as he gave him deep French kisses. I really wish I had been there to see this hot action in person. They continued to kiss and jerk on their cocks as they did so.

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Broke College Boys – Mark & Keith

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I’m sitting here with Mark and Keith. Mark is twenty and Keith is 24. We are at Keith’s friend’s house. He lets him hang out there and grade papers when he isn’t at home. Keith was grading some papers and they decided that they needed to take a break and hopped into the pool. I was shocked a bit that they weren’t skinny dipping considering how well they got along at the strip poker game that I saw them at last time. Mark doesn’t really doesn’t know anyone so he made a new friend in Keith. The college really frowns upon the students hanging out with the student aids, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Mark’s family doesn’t know that he is fooling around with his student aid teacher as well. If they knew they’d pull him back to Michigan. They don’t even know that Mark is gay yet.

Keith pretty much plays it straight at school in fact, this is Keith’s first time fooling around with a student, and he hasn’t done this before. He is going for his teacher degree he hasn’t decided what he wants to teach yet. I remind him teachers don’t make a lot of money, but I have lots of things that they can do that pay. I offered them $150.00 each to watch them blow each other, but they turned me down flat. I reminded them of book costs and red pen costs. I upped it to $250.00 and reminded them that they would end up blowing each other anyway, so that got them to agree to that cost.

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