Broke College Boys – Caleb, Landon & Eric

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It is early in the am as I catch the boys in bed still sleeping. I found them in bed and I’m trying to get them out of bed. It was hard as hell to get them out of bed, they didn’t want to go out and weed the garden. I kept at them though and told them if they wanted me to leave them alone they had to perform for me. I offered them first $500.00 and then $800.00 to wake up and have some sex.

That got their attention, and they told me to leave for the day as well and I agreed. After they removed the blankets I realized that they were already half naked and Landon was hard as a rock. The boys began to attack Eric in the middle with kisses and soft touches. You can tell that he is enjoying the attention and his hands begin to wander as well. Then Eric moves to suck on Caleb’s cock while Landon sucks on his. This is a great shot and one that you won’t want to miss; I know it turned me on. Landon even mentions that Eric has a fat cock and he likes to lick and suck on that big thick cock.

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Broke College Boys – Donovan And Landon

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I have Donovan and Landon with me at the house. They would be out partying, but since Donovan is only eighteen he can’t go out to the clubs yet, so Landon has stayed home with him. The weekend was pretty wild and Landon loves hanging out with the guys in the house. Landon and Donvan are both gay, Landon is not relationship material he states, and Donvan is in a relationship and his boyfriend knows he is here, and get this he is celebrating his one year anniversary with us here. I moved the conversation back to college and found out Donvan is going to college for photography and of course he doesn’t have enough money for tuition. I offered them $300.00 to screw around and they turned that down, they worked me up to $1000.00 and I agree.

As soon as the money was arranged these two boys went right to town. It was Landon that took control at first and once Donovan’s pants were off eh began to suck and fondle his cock. Then Landon began to unbutton his shirt while Donovan began to kiss his chest and work his way into his pants. As soon as Landon’s hard dick popped out Donovan went right to it and began to suck that hard dick, and fondle his balls at the same time. Landon steps out of his pants as Donvan takes his shirt off. Landon sits back on the couch and Donvan gets his cock sucked, gobbled and deep throated. He moans in pleasure as Landon works his magic on that cock. Landon gets him to turn around and he begins to rim that hot ass of Donovan’s. Donvan keeps his hand on his dick so that he can continue to stroke it.

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Broke College Boys – Jason, Cody, And Landon

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Landon, Jason and Cody are playing cards when I catch up to them. They are trying to figure out how to make some money, and I told them I might be the right person, but I wanted to get to know them better. Landon is 23, he is going to college and he has three more years to go. He is gay, but doesn’t have a boyfriend for now, but he did get laid about 3 weeks ago. He states he lost his virginity when he was 16 years old. He lost his virginity and got caught while doing it. He even ran out of the house naked, talk about wild and hot. Jason is going to college for ecology and wants to help animals. He is nineteen years old. He lost his virginity early and they had to drug their friend who came over so they could fuck for the first time. It is pretty funny that they hate each other now.

That leaves us with Cody. He is bi-sexual and he is twenty-three years old. His girlfriend doesn’t know he is bi, and he is going to college as well to be a barber. He has an option to go cut wood all day long for $80.00. This is when I offer to pay these guys to fuck, and they begin to discuss how much they would take, because they have college books to buy. I offer them $1000.00 to fool around and they ask if I have that kind of money and I tell them yes they debate it a bit more and decide that they will do it for a cool grand each. Jason is fondling and touching Cody while Landon begins to jerk and stroke on Jason’s hard cock. Landon states that Jason has big dick and I have to ask if he only has one cock in there. Then they all drop to lick and suck on Cody’s hard prick as they pull down his underwear. He moans as Landon sucks his cock and Jason nibbles at his balls. Then Jason sucks his cock and Landon sucks his balls.

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Broke College Boys – Jason And Landon

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m hanging out with Jason and Landan. Jason is the cute brunette and he is 19 and Landan is the hot blond and he is 23. If you notice Landan is so flexible it’s pretty unreal. He is showing Jason how flexible he is and Jason admits he can’t do any of the stuff that Landan can do. He likes to mess around and see how long he can keep a position etc. I want to know what other moves he has been showing him. I love Landan’s accent. That is a big turn on in and of itself. The guys like the condo, but I think it is o.k. Landan states he calls this a flat. I told them about the house with the pool and stripper bar we had installed, and Landan states that Jason loves to strip and he loves to dive, so that would have been perfect.

They are both in school so they are taking a break from school. They took the weekend off from college and since they have already been stripping and swimming at the local pool, I figured what the hell. I asked them what it would take to get them naked. When I mention money college and books, they perk up. Books cost a lot and I asked them both if they were gay, and they stated yes. That was one barrier we broke through. I offered $500.00 and Jason was a bit leery. He is worried about this video being out and about. I offered $800.00 and Landan mentions he is going into the medical field and his classes and books cost a lot more. I then offered $1000.00 each. They wanted to know what was included. I told them the full deal. That I’d even let them choose who bottoms who. They agreed, and it was on!

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