Broke College Boys – Caiden, Kenneth and Justin

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today’s addition is sure to please. I have Caiden and Kenneth with me; in fact they are trying to trim a tree in the back area of the nudist colony. They are pruning a tree and it doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. I had them take a break and chat with me a bit.

They aren’t making much money pruning and doing yard work so I decide to ask them if they want to make some extra cash the easy way. They drove a hard bargain and we settled on seven hundred dollars and I offered them each an extra hundred if they would fuck in the tree. This should be prove interesting don’t you think? I can’t wait to see how they pull this one off. As soon as we got done talking about the cash and the tree, these two threw their tools down and took on another type of tool. They began by kissing, but it wasn’t long until Kenneth took control and began to reach into Caiden’s pants while giving him some sensual kisses.

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Broke College Boys – Justin And Kenneth

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. They are hanging out in my living room watching the game and having a few cocktails. Justin is 27 and he is bisexual. Kenneth is twenty five and gay, but a bit curious about hottie girls. He says when he has a bit too much to drink they take advantage of him. After Kenneth loses his ass to Justin in a baseball sporting bet I offer them both a cold grand to fuck each other. Justin is way ahead with this offer, he gets his money and Kenneth’s up for fucking a good looking guy.

They were both down for this and began to kiss and fondle each other. In fact, it didn’t take much prompting from me at all. These guys were on each other immediately kissing and fondling each other. Kenneth was all over Justin first licking his find body, teasing his nipples and working his way down and into his undies. Once those undies were off Kenneth went right to work on Justin’s dick. After he licks and sucks that cock until it is rock hard, Justin takes over. Her works that white belt of Kenneth’s until it is open and those jeans are flying off leaving him in his sexy undies his semi-hard cock bulging. Justin reaches in and grabs that dick and strokes it as he teases Kenneth’s fine little body. Justin gets into it and really goes to town on that hard cock of Ken’s. He can’t stop deep throating it which makes Kenneth’s dick grow and he lies back on the couch moaning and panting as Justin begins to finger his hot asshole.

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Broke College Boys – Dean And Kenneth

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m just hanging out at the house with Dean and Ken. The guys meet at an after hour’s gay club. This was Dean’s first time, and since it was a gay club we can assume that they are both gay. Ken saw Dean dancing and he thought he was better looking than his current dance partner, and pretty much took him away. He cock blocked that other guy so he could be with Dean. I found out that Dean is just 19 and Ken is 25 and from New York. These guys are down here to scout out colleges. They like the weather; they both find it to be much warmer than in New York. They have been hanging out here while they look swimming and enjoying the house atmosphere.

I know these guys will need money for college, and I offered them $500.00 each to fool around while I watch a bit. Dean was a bit shy, so I offered to up the amount to $800.00 and after Dean flirts with him a bit he agrees. It took a lot of talking, so I hope that the anticipation makes it worthwhile! Ken was on dean quickly, but then I realize it was Dean who has a strangle hold on Ken’s cock. After some initial kissing, Ken gets a hold of Dean’s zipper and tugs it down so that he can pull out his cock and stroke it. I mention that it is always the shy guys that get naked first. Then Dean leans over to stroke on Ken’s cock as he has his stroked. It doesn’t take long with this touching and kissing before Ken gets in a position to lick and suck on Dean’s cock. Ken knows how to suck cock as he licks and sucks on that cock; he fingers that tight little ass of Dean’s. (MORE)

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