Broke College Boys – Caiden, Kenneth and Justin

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today’s addition is sure to please. I have Caiden and Kenneth with me; in fact they are trying to trim a tree in the back area of the nudist colony. They are pruning a tree and it doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. I had them take a break and chat with me a bit.

They aren’t making much money pruning and doing yard work so I decide to ask them if they want to make some extra cash the easy way. They drove a hard bargain and we settled on seven hundred dollars and I offered them each an extra hundred if they would fuck in the tree. This should be prove interesting don’t you think? I can’t wait to see how they pull this one off. As soon as we got done talking about the cash and the tree, these two threw their tools down and took on another type of tool. They began by kissing, but it wasn’t long until Kenneth took control and began to reach into Caiden’s pants while giving him some sensual kisses.

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Broke College Boys – Justin And Kenneth

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. They are hanging out in my living room watching the game and having a few cocktails. Justin is 27 and he is bisexual. Kenneth is twenty five and gay, but a bit curious about hottie girls. He says when he has a bit too much to drink they take advantage of him. After Kenneth loses his ass to Justin in a baseball sporting bet I offer them both a cold grand to fuck each other. Justin is way ahead with this offer, he gets his money and Kenneth’s up for fucking a good looking guy.

They were both down for this and began to kiss and fondle each other. In fact, it didn’t take much prompting from me at all. These guys were on each other immediately kissing and fondling each other. Kenneth was all over Justin first licking his find body, teasing his nipples and working his way down and into his undies. Once those undies were off Kenneth went right to work on Justin’s dick. After he licks and sucks that cock until it is rock hard, Justin takes over. Her works that white belt of Kenneth’s until it is open and those jeans are flying off leaving him in his sexy undies his semi-hard cock bulging. Justin reaches in and grabs that dick and strokes it as he teases Kenneth’s fine little body. Justin gets into it and really goes to town on that hard cock of Ken’s. He can’t stop deep throating it which makes Kenneth’s dick grow and he lies back on the couch moaning and panting as Justin begins to finger his hot asshole.

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Broke College Boys – Justin And Danny

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I walked in on a wild conversation about a guy that died in Mexico from being fucked by a donkey. It seems the donkey slipped and fell on him, but we all agreed that we didn’t feel sorry for him. I found out that Danny is a go-go dancer, and his wife is ok with it. Justin is on a layover and stopped by to see us. They both need money so you know where this is leading. I offered them $600.00 each to fool around with each other. They laughed at me and came back with an offer of nine-hundred dollars. I agreed, it’s a lot, but I want to see these guys fucking. I offered an extra hundred if Danny bottoms for the first time. They agreed and I let them get started.

It starts out slowly with them both fondling each other, then Justin begins to get serious and grabs Danny’s cock and sucks that dick into his mouth making Danny moan with pleasure and grab Justin’s hair. You can tell that Justin isn’t afraid to gobble a hard dick and he has some serious cock sucking techniques that we could all learn from. He pops that dick in and out fast making Danny yelp. Then it is Justin’s turn to have his cock sucked, and as Danny takes that cock into his mouth he jerks on his own hard dick. Justin is starting to moan and groan as Danny sucks on his hard cock. These boys are now both rock hard and Justin is ready to lay open Danny’s sweet tight ass for the first time.

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Broke College Boys – Justin And Austin

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Austin is back again, and this hot guy has 3 girlfriends. How he manages to come and see us and juggle all those girls is beyond me. He told us that one of his girlfriends wanted to come along, but she had to work today. She is pretty turned on by the idea of him being here with us. Justin hasn’t been working much he has been hanging around with us instead. Justin likes to party and of course hanging with us is a never-ending party. Although Austin has been here with us a lot he is still a straight boy. He has gotten his cock sucked and enjoyed it, but he hasn’t sucked a dick or fucked or gotten fucked by a guy yet. After some debating and money chat I had Austin talking eight hundred dollars to experiment. This gives Austin a chance to explore the other side and get paid for it.

He starts slow taking of Justin’s pants and undies on the waterfall. Austin then begins to suck on Justin’s cock and Justin asks him if he has done this before because it feels so good. Austin stops long enough to say no its his first time and then goes back to licking and sucking on that cock making Justin moan some more. I point out that they have an audience and Justin thinks it is hot that those two guys down below are watching Austin suck his cock and jerking on their own dicks as they watch. Justin then tells Austin that he can sure work that tongue, and that the girls must love him for it. Austin stands up and Justin takes on that cock sucking it like mad. A bird flies over cawing and Justin doesn’t even blink an eye, he just keeps on sucking that dick as Austin moans. Justin really starts sucking on that cock making Austin grab his hair and help him suck on that cock while the boys down below continue to watch and stroke themselves.

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Broke College Boys – Danny And Justin

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Danny and Justin. They had a wild night last night and ended up staying all night at the house. Danny and Justin both go to school together. They met in history class and Justin asks him over to party quite a bit. Justin is 20, he just had a birthday. He states his birthday was good. Justin is six foot two and single and loving it. Danny is twenty four and he is five foot ten, he’s bi-sexual and he’s currently single as well. Justin needs money and Danny states he doesn’t really need money, but sometimes he can use a bit extra. It never hurts to have extra cash. Danny states he is adventurous and I asked him if he would show me his dick for $50. He turned that down, then I offered $75 he relented and said ok.

Justin and I both decided that Danny had a nice cock. It was then that I offered them each $150 to blow each other. They both stated that it was too cheap, and I had to go up to $500 for them to suck each other off. I Thought they were both hot, and at that point I didn’t mind that they get me for $500. I am hoping in my mind that it gets so intense that they just start fucking and it won’t cost me anything else. The guys took their shirts off and Danny admits that he has only had one blowjob in his life from another guy. I tell him that Justin is a great little cock sucker right before Justin moves over to kneel at Danny’s feet and begins to kiss him before going to his dick to lick and suck it. This is hot already and I’m feeling some pressure from my cock against my zipper.

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Broke College Boys – Justin & Donavan

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke Straight Boys. I found Justin and Donovan swimming in the pool, on a second glance I noticed that they were skinny dipping. These guys were so horny that they started kissing right in front of me and that just made me ask them that much quicker if they wanted to fuck and I’d pay them five hundred dollars.

They countered with eight hundred and fifty. I was feeling taken advantage of sorta, considering they’d be fucking at some point soon anyway, they were already naked in the pool kissing. I agreed of course, I wanted to catch these two wet mermen having sex in the pool. They start with sensual kissing and Donovan moves to the side of the pool where Justin grabs his cock and begins to suck on it working his mouth up and down that dick. Donovan really enjoys how Justin is using his cock with his mouth and moans and tells him oh yeah.

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Broke College Boys – Austin & Justin

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Austin is hanging out with me on the porch as I have a beer. He is in grad school soon he will be kicked out into the real world and no more college fun. While we were chatting about school Justin dropped in to say hi, he goes to the college here as well.

Justin is 19 and he doesn’t have classes until 9am so he could hang out with us for a bit and just have some fun. I decided to interview the boys, and I found out that cute Justin is only nineteen and with all his school work and trying to make a few bucks when he isn’t in classes he just doesn’t have time to date. Austin is dating a cute girl, but she has no clue that he came to visit us. Sometimes not telling someone your out for a beer or hanging with your guy friends can be a good thing.

I found out both Justin and Austin are having a hard time paying for classes and books this semester. I love hearing that and of course offered them both $50.00 to let Justin suck off that straight boy. They both rejected that idea, and said that might pay for half a book, but they needed full text books. Since that wasn’t enough; I had to really negotiate hard to get them to allow Justin some cock sucking action. I just had to see this, so I finally ended up offering them $300.00 to let Justin go down on him. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Justin

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I found Justin taking a nap on my couch, I had him over to wash the car, so I was a bit shocked he was catching some zzz’s on my couch. He told me that he had just finished and he dried it off, but he came in to take a small nap and cool off. I guess I can live with that.

I figured since I had him on the couch I had a captive audience well sorta. I asked if I could interview him for my night course, and he was hesitant but agreed eventually, I can see this being a hard sell to get him to stroke his cock, but I go ahead and try anyway.

During my short interview I found out that even though Justin is just nineteen that he has been having sex since he was sixteen. He is bi-sexual and his first sexual experience was with a boy in school. It seems they fucked in the public bathroom after school.

Justin wasn’t cheap he cost me $25.00 just to get him to take his pants off and show off his cock. He didn’t even take it out of his Calvin Klein underwear, he just pulled them to the side and let it poke its head out. Honestly, I found that very erotic. I think Justin had a clue what I was going to ask next, because he had a shit eating grin on his face, and didn’t really argue with me to much when I offered him $250.00 to stroke his nice dick and he even gets to cum! (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Aaron, Justin, & Jordon

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It’s his birthday, it’s his birthday! Yep, its Justin’s birthday and Aaron and Jordan wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary for his birthday. When I walked into the kitchen these guys had already baked him a cake and added twenty candles for his birthday.

When Justin arrives he sees the cake and he is overwhelmed that they remembered his birthday. They didn’t sing happy birthday to him, but Aaron had a cake hidden behind him. He fell off the counter and onto Justin’s chest with that cake and it smashed cake and icing all over Justin. I suggested that he eat off the excess.

Jordan and Aaron both went after that cake on his chest and when they pulled down his pants his cock was already hard and ready to be licked and sucked. They moved cake and icing down to his hard cock and that made his meat even sweeter to eat. Both boys shared that cock together and it was definitely hot to watch. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Justin

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Justin is retooling the fireplace trying to make some extra cash for school. He has been here to the house a few times so he knows that I like to buy guys to do other odd jobs. Hunter liked doing the two other videos that he has done for me before. Justin isn’t shy he has told his friends what he is doing, and I thought it would be funny if sometime Justin walks in and finds his friends jerking their meat to one of his videos.

During the interview Hunter happens to stop by and visit. As always Hunter has good timing. Hunter knows Justin and they have been friends for awhile so I didn’t have a problem asking them to do some sexy odd jobs for me while he was hanging out.

When I asked Hunter if anyone knew if he was doing these type of movies, he said his girlfriend did, and she wants to Google him and find all of his videos and the kind of guys that he is boning to pay for his tuition. I told him I’d send him the link directly in email so he can show her the guys he is fucking; he blushed, but didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that.

Since both these guys are getting ready for school again Justin needs tuition and Hunter needs gas money to get to Florida I asked the boys how much they’d charge me for blowing each other. Justin suggests $200 and Hunter states $350 I met them in the middle for $275.00 each to give some great oral action to each other. (MORE)

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