Broke College Boys – Aiden And Jordon

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am out by the pool hanging out with Jordan and Aiden. They didn’t even give me the time of day, they just began to kiss and touch while I filmed. I’m not sure if I am happy or disappointed in not being able to talk them into getting dirty for cash. They started by kissing each other and those boys sure can kiss. They make the French jealous with the zest and gusto at which they kiss. They didn’t leave their hands out of the action, as they kissed those hands roamed all over each other’s toned, hot bodies.

It was Aiden who made the first move and had his hands and lips all over Jordan’s body working his way down to his cock which he began to suck. Jordan liked what he was doing and put his hands on Aiden’s head to help him go down deeper and faster. I don’t think that Aiden really needed all that help, but it was hot to watch. He soon moved up to kiss Jordan again as he jerked on his cock. That cock got hard fast and it was throbbing with need when Jordan moved over to kiss Aiden and work his way down his body to his already hardening cock.

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Broke College Boys – Jordon And Billy

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I am hanging out on the back patio in the pool with Billy and Jordan. Today is Jordan’s 23rd birthday. Now you know I love birthdays and so does Jordan. I told him that Billy is his birthday present. He is going to try and make all his wild fantasies come true. After we goofed around outside in the pool for awhile, I moved the boys inside so that Jordan could enjoy his birthday present in the privacy of the house. The back patio is private, but sound carries and I had a feeling that Billy would make Jordan explode in pleasure, so the guys changed into some dry clothing and we all went inside.

As soon as we were all settled the boys went right to kissing. You can always find Billy by his wild attire. He has on those bright yellow and black shorts, while Jordan opted for more laid back shorts. It doesn’t take Billy long to use his tongue to lick and taste his way down Jordan’s chest. You can see by Jordan’s have hard cock that he is enjoying all the attention that Billy is giving him. Jordan then takes his turn at licking and sucking all over Billy’s hot body. Billy gets so excited that he stands up so that he can feed his cock directly into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan doesn’t mind in fact, he begins to lick Billy’s ballsack as he jerks him with his hand and then continues to give him a great blow-job that drives him crazy.

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Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. I’m sitting here with Blake and Jordan who are working on a final project together. Blake had that class before so he is giving Jordan some much needed background and inside tips. It is due in two days, and although Jordan had two months to work on it, he hasn’t done much. It is a good thing that Blake is going to help him out with it. Jordan is twenty-two and he is sorta seeing someone on and off. His latest sex adventure was when he went to his bosses wedding and he hooked up with the two guys that were doing catering for her. They took off with Jordan and didn’t come back. Blake is still twenty and he didn’t feel like telling us a sex story. He is always so shy. He states the last time he got laid was the last time he came and visited us at the house. I am always horny so I did my best to entice the guys into fucking each other. I offered seventy-five dollars to go down on each other. They told me that was too low. They told me that even though college was just about over for the summer they needed money to party with. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Jordon And Aaron

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We are hanging out at the pool today with Jordan and Aaron. Jordan is six foot four and he is nineteen years old and a student in college. Aaron is 18 and he is five foot seven. He is a server at a restaurant. He doesn’t make much overall. He states that he gets hit on by guys and girls alike. He is pretty much a free spirit. He goes both ways. It didn’t take me long to ask them if they wanted to earn some extra money. I offered fifty dollars to get them naked. They ended up getting me for $200.00 just to take off their swim trunks. I then had to mention once Jordan was naked, that someone had told me that his pubic hair smells great. He told me that it does.

When Aaron got his trunks off his cock just bounces out. Now this is a big beefy ball park frank and it was plumping. Since that big cock was out, I mentioned that Aaron was hot and I’d give him two hundred dollars to go down on him. Jordan tells me it will cost me another $300.00 for him to go down on Aaron and for Aaron to go down on him. I didn’t even have to think about it I agreed right away and told Aaron he could go first. Aaron gave me a little smile and confirmed the $300.00 and then went right down on Jordon’s cock. Jordan is digging the way Aaron is sucking his cock and he rises to the occasion with Aaron’s help. I asked him what it tasted like if it tasted like three hundred bucks and Jordan asked him if it smelled good and Aaron states new car scent.

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Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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I found these two guys sitting inside watching TV instead of being outside painting my deck. It might have to do with it being about 110 degrees outside. I can see they aren’t going to give me any hard labor for the day. I called them pussies, and they agreed. I guess I’ll have to find them something to do to earn some money. They need to earn some money for college. Blake is 21 and Jordan is 22. They both go to college, Blake is going to school back east and Jordan is going to school here working on his 3rd year. His tuition is past due and he needs to get that paid. I told them I’d interview them to show other people wanting to hire guys to do odd jobs.

I found out both guys are single, and believe it or not they are both gay. Jordan looks straight, but he is gay. Blake is gay, but he fucks women, go figure that one out. He considers himself gay and wouldn’t ever fall in love with a woman, but he doesn’t mind banging them. Blake states he even banged a professor’s daughter once. As we continue to talk I find out that Blake has been on a website before and that it involved his being in some gay porn videos. That is when I offer to give them each fifty bucks to suck each other. I upped it to one hundred and twenty five dollars and that wasn’t enough. When I hit two hundred dollars each they agreed to suck each other.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron, Justin, & Jordon

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It’s his birthday, it’s his birthday! Yep, its Justin’s birthday and Aaron and Jordan wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary for his birthday. When I walked into the kitchen these guys had already baked him a cake and added twenty candles for his birthday.

When Justin arrives he sees the cake and he is overwhelmed that they remembered his birthday. They didn’t sing happy birthday to him, but Aaron had a cake hidden behind him. He fell off the counter and onto Justin’s chest with that cake and it smashed cake and icing all over Justin. I suggested that he eat off the excess.

Jordan and Aaron both went after that cake on his chest and when they pulled down his pants his cock was already hard and ready to be licked and sucked. They moved cake and icing down to his hard cock and that made his meat even sweeter to eat. Both boys shared that cock together and it was definitely hot to watch. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Evan, Jordon & Aaron

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It was another damn hot day outside, and these boys took a break from landscaping to come over to my house and interview with me. Evan is 24 and he isn’t going to school right now. He is working and trying to find out if he wants to stay in my area or go back home to Indiana. Aaron is twenty and he is trying to get enough money to get his tuition. Jordan is still in school as well and can always use money for food, friends and just life.

When Evan hears that Jordan and Aaron are a tight bunch and love to tag team guys his eyes get big and he looks a bit nervous. All the guys have swim togs on and I wonder how they plan to landscape inside my pool. I gave them a short lecture about how to make money. That you have to actually work for it unless you come over to my house that is.

Then I told him that I had extra cash to do odd jobs. I started out with an offer of $50.00 to take their shorts off. The two older guys told us no, that they don’t get naked without at least $200.00, and since I offered $200.00 last time I had to stick with what I had paid before.
Evan stripped off first and showed us his uncut 7 inch cock. Then it was Jordan’s turn to reveal his cock and balls. Finally Aaron took off his shorts and showed us his nice package. I had Jordan and Evan help him with getting his pants off. (MORE)

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