Broke College Boys – Jaydin, Kaydin, And Jasper

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am sitting here with Jaydin and he brought along his friend Kaydin who is just eighteen and never been with a guy before. He met Jaydin in a club and his friends told them he was a hottie and his body was tight. These guys are so cute, and Kaydin states that he is here for curiosity more than tuition money. He didn’t really know what we did and I had to fill him in. He thought that it sounded pretty good and then we got into the money part. I offered $200.00 for him and Jaydin to fool around. Jaydin shot me down, and then I offered $500.00 for each of them to fuck around. Then I told them about my friend hanging around upstairs and that if they added him to the mix I’d pay them $800.00. They decided on $850.00 and I agreed, I knew what was waiting upstairs and it would be definitely worth it to see these guys and Jasper fucking.

Jasper was a bit shocked when he realized that I had brought two guys to fuck with him instead of one. I explained that they came in sets. They were a bit shocked that he was hanging there semi naked and blind-folded ready for them to take over and do whatever they wanted with his body. They just jumped right on Jasper and began to devour his cock and fondle his hot body. All he could do was moan and move back and forth in his bondage. He is a kinky mother so Jasper enjoyed it all, he had no idea that Kaydin had never had a guy before, and as he was sucking on his cock he demanded that he suck on his balls as well. That got Jaydin’s attention and he kneeled down to begin sharing that dick with Kaydin. I don’t even think they noticed that Jasper had a cock piercing or if they did they didn’t care, they were too busy sucking on his cock.

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Jasper

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Jasper stopped in to help me paint, he saw my ad in the local paper and since he needs funds for college he came on over. He states it’s hard to keep a job when he is studying in college. I found out that Jasper is 23 and he does a lot of odd jobs while he is going to school He states that he enjoys hiking, running, swimming outside type hobbies. You can tell because he has a very athletic body. When I told him that I was taping him for my class in college he was down with that. He found it surprising that I wanted to be an interviewer. I really had to work though to get him to show me his cock, he turned down twenty-five and then fifty dollars. I then asked him to shoot me a number and he stated $1000.00 I was like tell me a real number. He then stated $200.00 then I countered with $175.00 when we finally agreed on a number it was $150.00 just to show us his cock.

He shocked me twice after agreeing to the hundred and fifty. First off he had on some wild ass underwear with babes smoking and weird clowns and crap, but when he pulled them down to show us his package his cock head was pierced and that is definitely something you don’t see on a daily basis. When Hunter drops in Jasper is hoping he isn’t there to help him paint, but when I mentioned that there are other ways to make cash he sorta clammed up. I didn’t have to offer Hunter any cash to pull out his cock. Then Jasper freaks out a bit and wonders what I’m at, but he likes the way Hunter looks and mentions what a nice cock he has. That was all it took for me to offer him some more money to suck Hunter’s cock. He balked at first, but then agreed for another smooth $150.00.

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