Broke College Boys – Billy And Jarrod

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m in the kitchen with two guys that like to think of themselves as Chefs. Billy is the cutie with the longer hair. His girlfriend thinks that he is out modeling underwear for a catalog. Jarrod is in grad school and is hoping to be a teacher. He wants to be in Israel and Germany and teaching language. He states that he isn’t gay or bisexual it should be determined. Both of these guys are broke and interested in making some extra cash. When Jarrod tells us that he only makes $40-80 dollars a week I knew that this might work. I offered them each one hundred dollars to blow each other, and it was Billy that stated no. I’m not sure if he was bashful or just hoping for money, but he said no. I did some fast talking and then offered $300.00 to them if they would blow each other while I watched. I think I had Billy hooked on three hundred, but Jarrod didn’t. Jarrod countered with five hundred and I thought about it and agreed to the price tag of this erotic action.

Jarrod hops up on the counter and Billy goes right for him. He helps him strip out of his clothes in a split second that was faster than superman changing in a phone booth. Billy seems to be doing a great job considering he has only been with one other guy before. Jarrod just leans back and enjoys the fantastic feelings from Billy’s mouth.

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Broke College Boys – CJ And Jarrod

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I love it when the guys stop in I get free labor. Today the CJ and Jarrod are out washing my assistant’s car. I thought they were gonna wash mine, but I guess they got confused. Jarrod is twenty-seven and still looking for a job. Cj is here just having a good time. He says he has hooked up a bit while he was down here esp. in the house. The sex just flows easily in our house of broke college boys. After I watch them wash the car a bit and we chat for a bit. I point out the pool in the garage. It isn’t a great pool, but it is full of cool water.

I finally talked them into coming inside to hop in the pool. We talk about what they might be doing after hanging out with me and I tell them that since they are going out tonight anyway that perhaps they should warm up for it in the pool. It worked out that I had to pay them $100.00 to just take off their trunks. The entire time Jarrod is talking shit about Cj’s heritage. These guys are pretty funny to talk to and watching them get naked is a real trip as well. It didn’t take me long to talk them into fucking each other for an additional $1000.00. I wanted to pay five hundred, but they talked me into one thousand. I wanted to see it all.

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