Broke College Boys – Threeway

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I walked into the dining room and into a strip poker game. Wow is my luck good today. I found Keith, Jake Woods and Mark playing and they were already losing to each other pretty well. I can say I was a bit shocked looking under the table and finding that Jake had already lost his pants. Keith and Mark both attend the college here Keith is a teachers aid, and Mark is a student. You should all recognize Jake Woods from his many video adventures.

Mark is twenty years old and has been in school for about 2 years, and I found out that he is gay, and that he is a true broke college boy. Keith is twenty-four, gay and a TA and he doesn’t make jack shit for cash and ends up eating a lot of ramen noodles.

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Broke College Boys – Jake And Aiden

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I found Jake and Aiden on the back porch rummaging through my stash of porn. I was a bit shocked then realized where I was and the shock wore off pretty quickly. You probably recognize Jake from the videos that he has made for some great video companies. Aiden however is an amateur from Ohio that got stuck down here after a job didn’t pan out.

Since Aiden is broke and Jake hasn’t been laid in about 2 weeks I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get them to fool around for us on video. I just told them to fool around. They both grabbed their cocks and it was interesting to see that they didn’t even have undies on. They even took some of my jack off lube and as they checked out the pics in the playboys they began to jerk off those cocks of theirs.

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Broke College Boys – Jake & Cameron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Jake Wood and Cameron. Jake has a layover and he stopped in at the house. He loves hanging out with us and partying. He has met quite a few of our guys and loves them all. Cameron is a new friend he just met and they are hanging in the kitchen chilling out getting to know each other. Cameron is still in school and of course looking for some college cash. Jake needs to find more money for his plane tickets home. This is starting to sound like pretty easy pickings to me. I just came out and asked them if they wanted to screw around and I even asked Jake to offer a price, and that I’d bargain down after I heard it.

We settled on $800.00 and they jumped right into the action. Jake has his hands on Cameron and gets him stripped to the waist fast, both of these boys have semi hard cocks so when Jakes pants come off we see his bulging crotch, as Cameron sneaks his way into it. He works those undies down slowly kissing and licking his way to the best part, and takes that semi hard cock into his mouth after licking his ballsack to suck on it.

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Broke College Boys – Jake And Zack

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. You will be excited to see that we have some popular boys with us here at Broke College Boys. Today we have Jake Woods and Zack Randall with us. Zack just came back from Nepal and he is trying to get back into the college groove and he is finding that he isn’t set up cash wise for school. Jake has been hanging out with us a lot and he states that he has a few movies coming out that we should look forward to. You know with these famous faces it wouldn’t be hard to get these guys to get nasty with each other. It did cost me a bit of coin to get them to blow each other. Jake upped the price to five hundred dollars for a blowjob, a bit pricey, but how many times do we get famous guys in the house.

These guys went on and began tearing into each other. Zack started by standing up after Jake took his shorts off to kiss him. They had some really great long French kisses before Zack moved down to begin sucking on Jake’s dick. That cock went hard almost immediately for Zack’s excellent cock sucking skills. Jake is moaning like mad and he says that Jake is doing a great job oh yeah! Zack is one of those great cock suckers that love to use their hands as well as their mouth. What is really impressive is that Zack leaves on his glasses while he sucks that dick.

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Broke College Boys – Jake And Danny

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. In this update, I was away and Hunter, you remember Hunter from some earlier updates takes over the camera and this is what he came up with. This update has Danny and Jake hanging out at the house and it is Jake’s birthday. I wonder what he will get for his birthday. They tell Hunter that they haven’t planned yet for his birthday because it depends on what hunter will do for them money wise. That started the ball rolling and Hunter after watching me offered them $50.00 to strip out of their clothes, but they wanted more and it took Hunter another fifty dollars to get them naked on camera.

Danny even helps Jake out of his underwear and now it seems that Danny can’t keep his hands off of Jake. Jake also lost his wallet last week and although he has gotten some of his money back he is still short, so Hunter offers him $300.00 to go down on Danny. He jumps down on his knees agreeing and starts to suck on Danny’s cock. Then Danny moves to work on Jake’s birthday candle. Jake says yeah it is my birthday. Danny goes down and devours Jake’s cock, but it isn’t long until we see Jake sucking on Danny again. Jake also has a great handle on his own dick and he strokes it as he licks and sucks on Danny’s dick. Danny then goes back to licking, flicking and sucking on Jake’s dick. Danny is doing a great job sucking that dick and even though we saw on our first update with Danny that he hasn’t done a lot of cock sucking he has really learned the art of cock sucking fast.

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Broke College Boys – Keith And Jake

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The crew headed over to Keith’s house. They had planned a little solo jerk off action, but when they got there was Jake as well. Jake lost his wallet, credit cards and cash. He is one broke boy. He needs to get home tomorrow and has to buy a plane ticket home. Keith told him to head over to his house and he might make some extra cash. We offered him $100.00 to do a duo jerk off with Keith, but he wasn’t buying. He did agree to jerk off for $200.00. We agreed of course and we got this fuck party started. These guys seemed a bit shy at first and we had to tell them to lose the pants. They grinned and did it. They sat down then and began to jerk those cocks off. It was a nice site to see. I was pretty excited and told Jake to help Keith by jerking on his cock for another $50.00. As he is jerking on Keith we talked a bit about the last videos they did and I asked what it would cost to see more than jerking action and we settled on a price tag of $325.00. That works for everyone involved and it isn’t long until Jake is on his knees grabbing Keith’s hard cock.

Keith is really digging how Jake sucks on his hard cock. Jake has a sucking jerking combo that is hard to beat and you can tell by Keith’s face that Jake is rocking that cock. This cock sucking action was taking place on the patio and it is super hot, When it was Keith’s turn to grab Jake’s cock he went at it like a mad man. Jake had to sit down so that he could enjoy that deep throat action that Keith is giving him. These guys are on fire. Keith doesn’t let go of his own meat either, he strokes and jerks on that cock as Jake moans. With all that hot action I offered Jake a total of $500.00 so that he could get his plane ticket back so he can get home. He didn’t mind that at all and gave me a I wanna fuck anyway look. This should prove to be a hot fuck. Jake is going to be the bottom and Keith gets a chance to fill that tight ass with his dick and bust him wide open.

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