Broke College Boys – Aj And Hunter

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys we are out filming in a new location, ok really I am. I found out that AJ had a new job and had to see this cute twink at work. I was pretty amazed to find out that Hunter was also working with him. They are working at a mattress store of all places. Hahah I think that is pretty ironic when you think about how much these two boys love to fuck. Anyway it seems that AJ is Hunter’s boss and likes to boss him around, the problem is that Hunter doesn’t do anything that AJ tells him to do. I found out that they are planning a trip to Las Vegas and need capital to get there. That of course makes my day, I can ask them to do just about anything for cash and get it done.

I decide to start out slow and ask for a hot blow-job. I offer them $350.00 and Hunter counters with $400.00 I pretend to think about it and then agree to that sum. I tell them though it better be hot, steamy loud blowjob with lots of noise. That’s all it took and Hunter was unzipping AJ’s zipper and pulling up his shirt. When he got to his boxer briefs he pulled them down gently and just latched on to that cock. Hunter begins a quick back and forth gobbling motion that has AJ moaning and hard in moments. Aj even grabs Hunter’s head to help him move that mouth back and forth so that he moans even more.

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Broke College Boys – Kyle & Hunter

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m sitting here with Kyle, he is going to the local university, and into the graduate part of his studies. The tuition hikes are killing him; he doesn’t get grants or anything. He does a lot of odd jobs to pay for his tuition including bar tending, cocktails and stuff like that. He came here to do some landscaping, but it’s 112 degrees outside, so I don’t see that happening today. I told him that I was going to do a mini interview him so I could show the tape to other friends that need someone to do odd jobs. He was ok with that and I started talking to him about some of his previous work.

He does lots of outside work like pool cleaning. He doesn’t have a skimpy Speedo, but he does have some nice shorts. He states he was hit on by the pool owners before; the guy was waiting for him outside by the pool naked and asked if he needed any help. Kyle stated he didn’t at the time, but there was another time that they ended up jerking each other off. This guy was married and his wife wasn’t home. It was hot as hell outside and the guy asked Kyle if he was hot, that he could jump in the pool. Kyle just had on cargo pants and the guy told him it was ok. One thing lead to another after that and they eventually jerked each other off.

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Jasper

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Jasper stopped in to help me paint, he saw my ad in the local paper and since he needs funds for college he came on over. He states it’s hard to keep a job when he is studying in college. I found out that Jasper is 23 and he does a lot of odd jobs while he is going to school He states that he enjoys hiking, running, swimming outside type hobbies. You can tell because he has a very athletic body. When I told him that I was taping him for my class in college he was down with that. He found it surprising that I wanted to be an interviewer. I really had to work though to get him to show me his cock, he turned down twenty-five and then fifty dollars. I then asked him to shoot me a number and he stated $1000.00 I was like tell me a real number. He then stated $200.00 then I countered with $175.00 when we finally agreed on a number it was $150.00 just to show us his cock.

He shocked me twice after agreeing to the hundred and fifty. First off he had on some wild ass underwear with babes smoking and weird clowns and crap, but when he pulled them down to show us his package his cock head was pierced and that is definitely something you don’t see on a daily basis. When Hunter drops in Jasper is hoping he isn’t there to help him paint, but when I mentioned that there are other ways to make cash he sorta clammed up. I didn’t have to offer Hunter any cash to pull out his cock. Then Jasper freaks out a bit and wonders what I’m at, but he likes the way Hunter looks and mentions what a nice cock he has. That was all it took for me to offer him some more money to suck Hunter’s cock. He balked at first, but then agreed for another smooth $150.00.

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Broke College Boys – Nate & Hunter

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I was shocked to find this video in my collection, because I hadn’t remembered taking it. It seems that Nate and Hunter decided to make their own movie. I was shocked they knew how to use a camera and take a movie by themselves, so I had to sit down and check this shit out.

I had no clue that Hunter had been wanting to fuck Nate all week and hadn’t had a chance. I guess this was his lucky chance to fuck Nate and also to make a video for us. I was shocked and I have to admit pleased. Nate leaned over and began a tongue dance with Hunter and as Hunter got excited he rolled Nate over and helped him to pull off his pants leaving him with just his undies and that bulging cock of his undeneath. He nibbles on his nipples while Nate tries to get Hunters pants off his nice round ass. Nate can’t take too much of this and helps Hunter out of his pants and undies.

These boys totally forgot about the camera an just went at each other. When they were both totally naked they began to kiss again and Nate licked and nibbled at Hunter’s chest, before sliding down to gobble up his hard and ready cock. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Cj, Hunter, & Blake

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I found Blake and CJ watching porn instead of working. I had to stop and ask them why they weren’t working and were hanging in the living room watching a hot gay porn video. It seems these boys had gotten all their work done ahead of time.

After two days these boys were so chummy together that I didn’t think it would cost me much money to see them blow each other in the living room, boy was I wrong. It took me $500.00 to get them warmed up. CJ told me that they liked to work fast, which meant he wanted to get to the bottom line on the cash for full blown out sex.

To help them with their tuition and books I ended up paying them both $1500.00, and they agreed to that amount of green to fuck and suck each other while I got them on tape.
CJ seemed to be the aggressive one and just leaned Blake over and started kissing and playing with his 6-pack. That boy is amazing because he has such tight abs even though he doesn’t work out. That makes me so jealous. It is horrible when people don’t even bother working out to have such a fine tight body. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Justin

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Justin is retooling the fireplace trying to make some extra cash for school. He has been here to the house a few times so he knows that I like to buy guys to do other odd jobs. Hunter liked doing the two other videos that he has done for me before. Justin isn’t shy he has told his friends what he is doing, and I thought it would be funny if sometime Justin walks in and finds his friends jerking their meat to one of his videos.

During the interview Hunter happens to stop by and visit. As always Hunter has good timing. Hunter knows Justin and they have been friends for awhile so I didn’t have a problem asking them to do some sexy odd jobs for me while he was hanging out.

When I asked Hunter if anyone knew if he was doing these type of movies, he said his girlfriend did, and she wants to Google him and find all of his videos and the kind of guys that he is boning to pay for his tuition. I told him I’d send him the link directly in email so he can show her the guys he is fucking; he blushed, but didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that.

Since both these guys are getting ready for school again Justin needs tuition and Hunter needs gas money to get to Florida I asked the boys how much they’d charge me for blowing each other. Justin suggests $200 and Hunter states $350 I met them in the middle for $275.00 each to give some great oral action to each other. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Circle Jerk

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This is one barbecue you won’t want to miss as the boys get together for a little fun and games in the backyard. They had a busy week around the house helping out with odd jobs of all types. You have seen most of these boys before, but you’ll notice that Nate is in the cook’s position and has on a very nice apron, but not much else. Then we have Clay the monster, then Hunter, Tyler, and last, but not least is Chris.

As we talked about summer break I mentioned Black Beach and that it is a nudist beach and of course Tyler states that he can’t handle old people at the beach with all those wrinkly dicks. I have to say I had more fun in this shoot then some of the others. It was just so relaxed as everyone was just hanging out and relaxing. Tyler being the self proclaimed Power Top gets naked first and then cute bottom Chris takes off his pants and shows off his amazing package in sexy underwear. Then we get Hunter finally to take off his shorts. (MORE)

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