Broke College Boys – Justin And Danny

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I walked in on a wild conversation about a guy that died in Mexico from being fucked by a donkey. It seems the donkey slipped and fell on him, but we all agreed that we didn’t feel sorry for him. I found out that Danny is a go-go dancer, and his wife is ok with it. Justin is on a layover and stopped by to see us. They both need money so you know where this is leading. I offered them $600.00 each to fool around with each other. They laughed at me and came back with an offer of nine-hundred dollars. I agreed, it’s a lot, but I want to see these guys fucking. I offered an extra hundred if Danny bottoms for the first time. They agreed and I let them get started.

It starts out slowly with them both fondling each other, then Justin begins to get serious and grabs Danny’s cock and sucks that dick into his mouth making Danny moan with pleasure and grab Justin’s hair. You can tell that Justin isn’t afraid to gobble a hard dick and he has some serious cock sucking techniques that we could all learn from. He pops that dick in and out fast making Danny yelp. Then it is Justin’s turn to have his cock sucked, and as Danny takes that cock into his mouth he jerks on his own hard dick. Justin is starting to moan and groan as Danny sucks on his hard cock. These boys are now both rock hard and Justin is ready to lay open Danny’s sweet tight ass for the first time.

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Broke College Boys – Jake And Danny

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. In this update, I was away and Hunter, you remember Hunter from some earlier updates takes over the camera and this is what he came up with. This update has Danny and Jake hanging out at the house and it is Jake’s birthday. I wonder what he will get for his birthday. They tell Hunter that they haven’t planned yet for his birthday because it depends on what hunter will do for them money wise. That started the ball rolling and Hunter after watching me offered them $50.00 to strip out of their clothes, but they wanted more and it took Hunter another fifty dollars to get them naked on camera.

Danny even helps Jake out of his underwear and now it seems that Danny can’t keep his hands off of Jake. Jake also lost his wallet last week and although he has gotten some of his money back he is still short, so Hunter offers him $300.00 to go down on Danny. He jumps down on his knees agreeing and starts to suck on Danny’s cock. Then Danny moves to work on Jake’s birthday candle. Jake says yeah it is my birthday. Danny goes down and devours Jake’s cock, but it isn’t long until we see Jake sucking on Danny again. Jake also has a great handle on his own dick and he strokes it as he licks and sucks on Danny’s dick. Danny then goes back to licking, flicking and sucking on Jake’s dick. Danny is doing a great job sucking that dick and even though we saw on our first update with Danny that he hasn’t done a lot of cock sucking he has really learned the art of cock sucking fast.

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Broke College Boys – Danny And Justin

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Danny and Justin. They had a wild night last night and ended up staying all night at the house. Danny and Justin both go to school together. They met in history class and Justin asks him over to party quite a bit. Justin is 20, he just had a birthday. He states his birthday was good. Justin is six foot two and single and loving it. Danny is twenty four and he is five foot ten, he’s bi-sexual and he’s currently single as well. Justin needs money and Danny states he doesn’t really need money, but sometimes he can use a bit extra. It never hurts to have extra cash. Danny states he is adventurous and I asked him if he would show me his dick for $50. He turned that down, then I offered $75 he relented and said ok.

Justin and I both decided that Danny had a nice cock. It was then that I offered them each $150 to blow each other. They both stated that it was too cheap, and I had to go up to $500 for them to suck each other off. I Thought they were both hot, and at that point I didn’t mind that they get me for $500. I am hoping in my mind that it gets so intense that they just start fucking and it won’t cost me anything else. The guys took their shirts off and Danny admits that he has only had one blowjob in his life from another guy. I tell him that Justin is a great little cock sucker right before Justin moves over to kneel at Danny’s feet and begins to kiss him before going to his dick to lick and suck it. This is hot already and I’m feeling some pressure from my cock against my zipper.

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Broke College Boys – Danny

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Danny just got back from interviewing all day long, and the prospects aren’t looking good. He is worried he still owes $400.00 on his rent for the month. After hearing this I just went in for the kill and asked him if he’d like to make that missing rent money masturbating for me. He didn’t seem to shocked, but wasn’t going for just the four hundred. I bumped it up to four-fifty and he agreed. I told him that I was going into the house for a drink of water and when I got back I’d interview him and then he could do his thing. I headed in the house to get my drink, but left the camera on, and just check out what was caught on film.

Danny didn’t want to wait for me as he began playing with his dick inside his pants. He slowly teased himself and began to slowly strip as he played with his cock. When he saw the huge toy lying on the ground and lube he even mentions he might be able to do something with that. He continues to stroke his cock and then grabs up that rubber dildo, and after putting a condom and lube on it begins to play with his ass. I find it funny watching the video now that he keeps looking for me to come out and catch him in the act. It sure didn’t take him long to shove that rubber dildo up his tight ass while he strokes his cock. He begins to moan as he moves that dildo in and out of his sweet ass.

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Broke College Boys – Danny & Caleb

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Welcome back to another update to Broke College Boys. In this exciting update we have Danny and Caleb. Caleb is twenty and six foot 1 and Danny is 24 and five foot eleven. They are in the shower after taking a skinny dip in the pool. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I’m not sure what will. I felt like I was on Let’s Make A Deal today, I had to really work with these guys to get them to fuck each other. I felt a little gypped, this house is like the love boat, and I knew they were going to fuck anyway, but I ended up paying them $900.00 to fuck each other while I watched. It will be worth it, so I don’t mind spending the money.

As soon as the money deal was sealed, they began to kiss. These guys are fantastic kissers and you could tell that they were turning each other on with those slow passionate kisses. It wasn’t long until Caleb our tall boy went down to his knees to give Danny’s cock some love. Danny is moaning and states that it feels really good.It was soon Danny’s turn and he gave as good as he got. He loved licking and sucking on Caleb’s cock as he jerked hard on his own. The water streaming down in the background really added to the exotic feel of this shower duo. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Danny

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The boys realized that I am lurking about every corner and waiting to take some snaps and video shots. Today I was hanging with Danny. He is going to college to be a bio-chemist. This smart boy is gay, but not dating anyone as of now.

Blake is twenty-one and he came down here to find a job to pay for his tuition. He really hasn’t found much work to help him to get into college. Blake isn’t worried; he knows that I will find something for him. I asked Blake how he liked it down here, if he saw many bugs, snakes and scorpions. Blake hasn’t seen many snakes, but he has seen some scorpions while visiting us here at Broke College Boys.

The guys agreed to let me watch them shower from swimming without my having to even pay! Danny loves the shower that we have here in the house. The water runs down around these rocks and it just feels so unique and outdoorsy. It is like taking a shower in a waterfall. (MORE)

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