Broke College Boys – Kaydin And Cody

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Kaydin and Cody who are just chilling in a bedroom while the other guys are downstairs in the pool. They were just hanging out sharing sexual experiences with each other. We started goofing around and chatting. Every time I talk to Cody I get a hard-on just because of his sexy accent. You can tell he is from the deep south and when you hear that accent you want him to break bad all over your ass. Kaydin is bi-sexual and he can’t remember the last time he got laid, which considering this guys super hotness is pretty odd. As you might remember Cody is bi-sexual as well. He likes pussy and he loves his cock. I asked him if he would get laid when he went back home and he said he had several girls that were on voice command.

After talking about some sexual experiences I decided to ask them if they were up to fucking around for a bit of cash. They told me fifteen hundred and I countered with a grand and dinner. Cody asks is that McDonalds or something good. I told him a good sit down Italian restaurant, and they agreed.

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Broke College Boys – Jason, Cody, And Landon

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Landon, Jason and Cody are playing cards when I catch up to them. They are trying to figure out how to make some money, and I told them I might be the right person, but I wanted to get to know them better. Landon is 23, he is going to college and he has three more years to go. He is gay, but doesn’t have a boyfriend for now, but he did get laid about 3 weeks ago. He states he lost his virginity when he was 16 years old. He lost his virginity and got caught while doing it. He even ran out of the house naked, talk about wild and hot. Jason is going to college for ecology and wants to help animals. He is nineteen years old. He lost his virginity early and they had to drug their friend who came over so they could fuck for the first time. It is pretty funny that they hate each other now.

That leaves us with Cody. He is bi-sexual and he is twenty-three years old. His girlfriend doesn’t know he is bi, and he is going to college as well to be a barber. He has an option to go cut wood all day long for $80.00. This is when I offer to pay these guys to fuck, and they begin to discuss how much they would take, because they have college books to buy. I offer them $1000.00 to fool around and they ask if I have that kind of money and I tell them yes they debate it a bit more and decide that they will do it for a cool grand each. Jason is fondling and touching Cody while Landon begins to jerk and stroke on Jason’s hard cock. Landon states that Jason has big dick and I have to ask if he only has one cock in there. Then they all drop to lick and suck on Cody’s hard prick as they pull down his underwear. He moans as Landon sucks his cock and Jason nibbles at his balls. Then Jason sucks his cock and Landon sucks his balls.

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