Broke College Boys – Blake & Aaron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found the boys playing some pool just lounging around with nothing else to do. The bad part is that they both really suck at playing this game. I decided to play a version of strip pool with them. It was working out great I had them both shirtless in no time. This was getting better and better, I soon had Aaron naked and jerking on his cock for just a few misses with the cue. Blake however was doing ok, he still had his shorts and I owed him $200.00.

However things are changing and Blake got cocky and lost his shorts. Blake is still cocky even after Aaron misses his shot and has to kneel down and suck on his dick. Blake ups the ante, and when he misses the shot he has to suck Aaron’s cock until I am satisfied. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Fourway

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. As you might have noticed the living room is trashed, it is amazing the amount of trash a group of boys can make when they get busy. They have been hanging out watching the tube and having a good time. I decided to check in on them and see what kind of trouble I could get them into. Blake is with us again, Tristan is next to him along with Branson on the other couch. Billy sneaks in as well. He is always late, and tells me he is interested in finding some more cash for college. I started talking to the boys and when I got to Billy I asked him if he finally told his girlfriend knew what he was doing for cash yet, and he surprised us all by telling us he finally told her. She said awesome! That is pretty exciting. She asked if he took it up the ass, and he told her there isn’t enough money for him to bottom in the world. I told him I had to differ and we should or will find out sometime I guess. She is pretty excited and wants a picture or two of the action sometime. We will have to set her up with some shots and make her day.

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Broke College Boys – Reaper And Blake

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I was sitting around with Blake and Reaper, and Reaper was telling us about his boarding accident. He was watching a fine ass babe when he fell and hurt himself. He even showed us his road rash he got during the incident. After seeing a bit of his naked hip, I decided to just go for broke. I offered them $50.00 to take off their shirts that was an easy request. We can now see these two hot boys with their shirts off. They look a bit tanned then before; I guess they are hanging outside shirtless. I then took the next step and I talked them into doing more than taking off their clothes. I talked to them a bit and as we know Blake is a horny guy, and Reaper of course had his first sexual experience with a guy for us as you saw in our updates from before.

I was shocked to find out Reaper is bigger than he looks. We started to talk about weight as Blake went to take off his pants and get to his cock. Reaper weighs 140 and that is a bit shocking. He sure doesn’t look it. You can tell by Reaper’s face that he is enjoying how Blake is sucking on his cock. He even puts his hand on Blake’s head to help him go up and down. Then it was Reapers turn to take on Blake’s cock and he did a good job starting with some jerking and then lowering himself down to bob up and down on that hard dick using his hand as well. Blake sure is enjoying that.

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Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. I’m sitting here with Blake and Jordan who are working on a final project together. Blake had that class before so he is giving Jordan some much needed background and inside tips. It is due in two days, and although Jordan had two months to work on it, he hasn’t done much. It is a good thing that Blake is going to help him out with it. Jordan is twenty-two and he is sorta seeing someone on and off. His latest sex adventure was when he went to his bosses wedding and he hooked up with the two guys that were doing catering for her. They took off with Jordan and didn’t come back. Blake is still twenty and he didn’t feel like telling us a sex story. He is always so shy. He states the last time he got laid was the last time he came and visited us at the house. I am always horny so I did my best to entice the guys into fucking each other. I offered seventy-five dollars to go down on each other. They told me that was too low. They told me that even though college was just about over for the summer they needed money to party with. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Sinn

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, today we are in my garage. Sinn is changing my oil and Blake is washing the car. The guys give us a quick hello, and Sinn tells me that my oil is great that it wasn’t a quart low like I had anticipated. Which makes me happy. He is my current mechanic and is about to change the oil in the jeep. I had them stop what they were doing and come up to visit me and the camera. They both agree that it is too hot to get much work done. I told them to stick around when summer hits it will be horridly hot. Sinn is twenty-three and is six foot four. He is a big well built dude. He works on cars a lot and hangs out by the pool and loves video gaming. He stopped in to earn a few extra bucks. The rent is due again, and he is a bit short. He is straight and currently has a girlfriend. His girlfriend knows that he is helping out a friend with a car, but she doesn’t know that he is here. She wouldn’t be to hip knowing he was with us. We won’t tell her will we? Shhh mum’s the word.

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Mini

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Here we are again on the patio with Blake and get this Mini Me so Horny. Now if that doesn’t make you laugh I’m not sure what will. It seems that nickname became his in high school. Since he is so short, they called him Shorty, but at some party his friends started to call him Mini, but now he is Mini Me So Horny. He is sitting on the patio with Blake, and since jobs are so scarce they are supposed to be adding gravel to my driveway, but instead they are sitting on the patio drinking fruit punch. They are both looking for extra cash and since it is so hot, I figured they could interview with me and well you know I might talk them into something else.

It seems that Mini is twenty-two years old and from this area. I found out that he is a personal trainer, and that he is straight, but curious. His girlfriend loves that he is so versatile that he can play with other guys and it turns her on and that turns him on. Blake is twenty and he lost his virginity at nineteen a bit of a late bloomer, but that is ok. He lost his virginity to a tall blonde asshole. Mini also had a bad experience, but it turned out ok in the end. I told the guys that I love to see guys naked, and I could pay them $50.00 to see them nude, but it wasn’t enough to entice them into taking off those clothes. Mini really pressed me hard to give them more cash to get them naked. I ended up having to pay $200.00 each to get naked. Blake was up for it, two hundred dollars covers his bills. Mini mentions that he doesn’t normally get naked like this, but hey its two hundred dollars.

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Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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I found these two guys sitting inside watching TV instead of being outside painting my deck. It might have to do with it being about 110 degrees outside. I can see they aren’t going to give me any hard labor for the day. I called them pussies, and they agreed. I guess I’ll have to find them something to do to earn some money. They need to earn some money for college. Blake is 21 and Jordan is 22. They both go to college, Blake is going to school back east and Jordan is going to school here working on his 3rd year. His tuition is past due and he needs to get that paid. I told them I’d interview them to show other people wanting to hire guys to do odd jobs.

I found out both guys are single, and believe it or not they are both gay. Jordan looks straight, but he is gay. Blake is gay, but he fucks women, go figure that one out. He considers himself gay and wouldn’t ever fall in love with a woman, but he doesn’t mind banging them. Blake states he even banged a professor’s daughter once. As we continue to talk I find out that Blake has been on a website before and that it involved his being in some gay porn videos. That is when I offer to give them each fifty bucks to suck each other. I upped it to one hundred and twenty five dollars and that wasn’t enough. When I hit two hundred dollars each they agreed to suck each other.

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Nate

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I’m hanging out with Blake and Nate in the house. Nate is here for the weekend visiting family and trying to get some cash for school from his Dad. His dad isn’t too hip on handing him more cash yet, and has him dangling worried about if he is going to help him pay the college bills. Blake is back to visit us and he got really burnt hanging out by the pool all day.

Nate has been working out and he is getting bigger. He has gained 8lbs and he seems lean, mean and definitely hot. He is studying for a test he has tomorrow. Blake is hanging out with him reading a book on math. He isn’t a math major, but he does have a test in math next week. They have been studying so hard by the pool that Blake has quite a burn and he will have a burn line near his ass. Nate doesn’t have a tan line he is tan already from using those tanning beds.

Both boys are worried about paying for tuition. Blake works as a waiter and he isn’t getting many tips these days and is really worried about his tuition. That sounds like a winning deal for me though. I offered them both $400.00 to swap blow-jobs with each other. That will pay for some of those books they have to buy for next semester. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Danny

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The boys realized that I am lurking about every corner and waiting to take some snaps and video shots. Today I was hanging with Danny. He is going to college to be a bio-chemist. This smart boy is gay, but not dating anyone as of now.

Blake is twenty-one and he came down here to find a job to pay for his tuition. He really hasn’t found much work to help him to get into college. Blake isn’t worried; he knows that I will find something for him. I asked Blake how he liked it down here, if he saw many bugs, snakes and scorpions. Blake hasn’t seen many snakes, but he has seen some scorpions while visiting us here at Broke College Boys.

The guys agreed to let me watch them shower from swimming without my having to even pay! Danny loves the shower that we have here in the house. The water runs down around these rocks and it just feels so unique and outdoorsy. It is like taking a shower in a waterfall. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Cj, Hunter, & Blake

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I found Blake and CJ watching porn instead of working. I had to stop and ask them why they weren’t working and were hanging in the living room watching a hot gay porn video. It seems these boys had gotten all their work done ahead of time.

After two days these boys were so chummy together that I didn’t think it would cost me much money to see them blow each other in the living room, boy was I wrong. It took me $500.00 to get them warmed up. CJ told me that they liked to work fast, which meant he wanted to get to the bottom line on the cash for full blown out sex.

To help them with their tuition and books I ended up paying them both $1500.00, and they agreed to that amount of green to fuck and suck each other while I got them on tape.
CJ seemed to be the aggressive one and just leaned Blake over and started kissing and playing with his 6-pack. That boy is amazing because he has such tight abs even though he doesn’t work out. That makes me so jealous. It is horrible when people don’t even bother working out to have such a fine tight body. (MORE)

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