Broke College Boys – Fourway

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. As you might have noticed the living room is trashed, it is amazing the amount of trash a group of boys can make when they get busy. They have been hanging out watching the tube and having a good time. I decided to check in on them and see what kind of trouble I could get them into. Blake is with us again, Tristan is next to him along with Branson on the other couch. Billy sneaks in as well. He is always late, and tells me he is interested in finding some more cash for college. I started talking to the boys and when I got to Billy I asked him if he finally told his girlfriend knew what he was doing for cash yet, and he surprised us all by telling us he finally told her. She said awesome! That is pretty exciting. She asked if he took it up the ass, and he told her there isn’t enough money for him to bottom in the world. I told him I had to differ and we should or will find out sometime I guess. She is pretty excited and wants a picture or two of the action sometime. We will have to set her up with some shots and make her day.

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Broke College Boys – Billy And Jarrod

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m in the kitchen with two guys that like to think of themselves as Chefs. Billy is the cutie with the longer hair. His girlfriend thinks that he is out modeling underwear for a catalog. Jarrod is in grad school and is hoping to be a teacher. He wants to be in Israel and Germany and teaching language. He states that he isn’t gay or bisexual it should be determined. Both of these guys are broke and interested in making some extra cash. When Jarrod tells us that he only makes $40-80 dollars a week I knew that this might work. I offered them each one hundred dollars to blow each other, and it was Billy that stated no. I’m not sure if he was bashful or just hoping for money, but he said no. I did some fast talking and then offered $300.00 to them if they would blow each other while I watched. I think I had Billy hooked on three hundred, but Jarrod didn’t. Jarrod countered with five hundred and I thought about it and agreed to the price tag of this erotic action.

Jarrod hops up on the counter and Billy goes right for him. He helps him strip out of his clothes in a split second that was faster than superman changing in a phone booth. Billy seems to be doing a great job considering he has only been with one other guy before. Jarrod just leans back and enjoys the fantastic feelings from Billy’s mouth.

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Broke College Boys – Jordon And Billy

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I am hanging out on the back patio in the pool with Billy and Jordan. Today is Jordan’s 23rd birthday. Now you know I love birthdays and so does Jordan. I told him that Billy is his birthday present. He is going to try and make all his wild fantasies come true. After we goofed around outside in the pool for awhile, I moved the boys inside so that Jordan could enjoy his birthday present in the privacy of the house. The back patio is private, but sound carries and I had a feeling that Billy would make Jordan explode in pleasure, so the guys changed into some dry clothing and we all went inside.

As soon as we were all settled the boys went right to kissing. You can always find Billy by his wild attire. He has on those bright yellow and black shorts, while Jordan opted for more laid back shorts. It doesn’t take Billy long to use his tongue to lick and taste his way down Jordan’s chest. You can see by Jordan’s have hard cock that he is enjoying all the attention that Billy is giving him. Jordan then takes his turn at licking and sucking all over Billy’s hot body. Billy gets so excited that he stands up so that he can feed his cock directly into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan doesn’t mind in fact, he begins to lick Billy’s ballsack as he jerks him with his hand and then continues to give him a great blow-job that drives him crazy.

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Broke College Boys – Caiden, Tristen, & Billy

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Well I check out the garage where the guys are supposed to be moving shit and find them all sitting around checking out porn. They found a whole bag of porn magazines. I deny that any of those are mine, that this isn’t even my house, but the boys don’t buy one word of it. Damn the luck! Caiden is twenty-three, Billy is twenty, and Tristen is twenty-three as well. Tristen works out and it shows, he has a nice toned body. He just graduated college, and is trying to find a job. He is a personal trainer, but that is just a fill in job while he looks for something that pays better.

Billy is in school and he isn’t working at this time. He is going to school for psychology and theology. I was thinking to myself, hmmm theology and he has his nose buried in that porn magazine. Caiden is almost six foot tall and he is in college to be a nurse. He wants to be a traveling nurse and work in Hawaii. They get wages, room and board and a sunny state, what more could this cutie want. Caiden is bi-sex gay, and if a woman came to visit he’d fuck her boyfriend. Caiden isn’t dating anyone at all right now. He was engaged before, but she slept with her girlfriend. After that she realied that she has been a lesbian all this time and that pretty much ended the wedding plans and the relationship.

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