Broke College Boys – Justin And Austin

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Austin is back again, and this hot guy has 3 girlfriends. How he manages to come and see us and juggle all those girls is beyond me. He told us that one of his girlfriends wanted to come along, but she had to work today. She is pretty turned on by the idea of him being here with us. Justin hasn’t been working much he has been hanging around with us instead. Justin likes to party and of course hanging with us is a never-ending party. Although Austin has been here with us a lot he is still a straight boy. He has gotten his cock sucked and enjoyed it, but he hasn’t sucked a dick or fucked or gotten fucked by a guy yet. After some debating and money chat I had Austin talking eight hundred dollars to experiment. This gives Austin a chance to explore the other side and get paid for it.

He starts slow taking of Justin’s pants and undies on the waterfall. Austin then begins to suck on Justin’s cock and Justin asks him if he has done this before because it feels so good. Austin stops long enough to say no its his first time and then goes back to licking and sucking on that cock making Justin moan some more. I point out that they have an audience and Justin thinks it is hot that those two guys down below are watching Austin suck his cock and jerking on their own dicks as they watch. Justin then tells Austin that he can sure work that tongue, and that the girls must love him for it. Austin stands up and Justin takes on that cock sucking it like mad. A bird flies over cawing and Justin doesn’t even blink an eye, he just keeps on sucking that dick as Austin moans. Justin really starts sucking on that cock making Austin grab his hair and help him suck on that cock while the boys down below continue to watch and stroke themselves.

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Broke College Boys – Austin & Justin

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Austin is hanging out with me on the porch as I have a beer. He is in grad school soon he will be kicked out into the real world and no more college fun. While we were chatting about school Justin dropped in to say hi, he goes to the college here as well.

Justin is 19 and he doesn’t have classes until 9am so he could hang out with us for a bit and just have some fun. I decided to interview the boys, and I found out that cute Justin is only nineteen and with all his school work and trying to make a few bucks when he isn’t in classes he just doesn’t have time to date. Austin is dating a cute girl, but she has no clue that he came to visit us. Sometimes not telling someone your out for a beer or hanging with your guy friends can be a good thing.

I found out both Justin and Austin are having a hard time paying for classes and books this semester. I love hearing that and of course offered them both $50.00 to let Justin suck off that straight boy. They both rejected that idea, and said that might pay for half a book, but they needed full text books. Since that wasn’t enough; I had to really negotiate hard to get them to allow Justin some cock sucking action. I just had to see this, so I finally ended up offering them $300.00 to let Justin go down on him. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Austin

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We caught Austin Davis reading the paper looking for odd jobs to help pay for some books and tuition. He is laying around in his towel all clean and ready to get dressed up to go out. Austin is twenty-four and heading towards his master’s degree in arts and graphic design. I guess that is why he got that kick ass tattoo.

Austin was getting ready to go out for the night, and we figured that he might want some extra cash. We started by asking him to show us his cock, which he didn’t have a problem with. That cock he had hidden gets hard by his girlfriend sucking on him and it extends to a six and a half inch length.

We asked Austin to masturbate for us and I offered him fifty to do that for us, but he declined he wanted to take his girl to a really nice place to eat so I upped it to $100.00 and he turned that down, but he agreed to stroke that meat for $200.00. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Austin & Nate

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I had Austin back to the house again. He doesn’t mind doing the odd jobs that I have for him. This twenty-four year old is majoring in art and can always use some extra cash. He was already comfy on my couch when I got there watching some porn and chilling after working all day. He told me one of his odd part-time jobs is security at a mansion. He invited me over to the mansion someday. I told him that would be great to have him getting head and banging his girlfriend on camera in a mansion.

Today we are shooting once again at my house and I called Nate in. You prob remember Nate, he is a cute eighteen year old blonde cutie who loves to fuck other guys. Since Austin was already getting horny watching porn, I was hoping to talk Nate into sucking and fucking him for our cameras.

Nate works me for the cash and he agreed for $250.00 to go down on Austin. Austin then says no, so I have to raise the price to $300.00 for Nate to give Austin a blowjob. As soon as Austin dropped his pants Nate was there to gather that twig into his mouth and turn it into a hard stick that needed to be taken care of. Austin is shy and is still pretty new to allowing a guy to suck his cock so he continues to watch some porn to get into the mood. (MORE)

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