Broke College Boys – Aj And Hunter

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys we are out filming in a new location, ok really I am. I found out that AJ had a new job and had to see this cute twink at work. I was pretty amazed to find out that Hunter was also working with him. They are working at a mattress store of all places. Hahah I think that is pretty ironic when you think about how much these two boys love to fuck. Anyway it seems that AJ is Hunter’s boss and likes to boss him around, the problem is that Hunter doesn’t do anything that AJ tells him to do. I found out that they are planning a trip to Las Vegas and need capital to get there. That of course makes my day, I can ask them to do just about anything for cash and get it done.

I decide to start out slow and ask for a hot blow-job. I offer them $350.00 and Hunter counters with $400.00 I pretend to think about it and then agree to that sum. I tell them though it better be hot, steamy loud blowjob with lots of noise. That’s all it took and Hunter was unzipping AJ’s zipper and pulling up his shirt. When he got to his boxer briefs he pulled them down gently and just latched on to that cock. Hunter begins a quick back and forth gobbling motion that has AJ moaning and hard in moments. Aj even grabs Hunter’s head to help him move that mouth back and forth so that he moans even more.

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Broke College Boys – Blake, Aj, & Evan

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I love it when the boys bring back boys to shoot for us. They know the score and they want the extra cash and that new dick is an added bonus for them. Blake and Evan found AJ up the road at the gas station, and brought him back to my place. I wasn’t complaining. I was shocked that they found a cute guy to bring home and also one that was willing to blow and suck for a measly $300.00 for the cameras. This broke college boy is a psych major, and maybe he just psyched me out of money, but I have a feeling it will be worth it.

Aj goes right to work and helps Blake and Evan get undressed. As he is removing clothes and sucking on Evan’s cock, Blake and Evan begin to kiss and touch each other. They both enjoyed watching as AJ went down on Evans cock.
Blake reaches down and begins to rub his own cock as AJ continues to suck Evan’s cock. Blake doesn’t have much time to jerk his bulging hard cock before AJ comes over to give it a lick and a suck from his mouth. Evan is now touching and stroking on his own cock while AJ sucks on Blake’s hard cock. (MORE)

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