Broke College Boys – Jake And Aiden

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I found Jake and Aiden on the back porch rummaging through my stash of porn. I was a bit shocked then realized where I was and the shock wore off pretty quickly. You probably recognize Jake from the videos that he has made for some great video companies. Aiden however is an amateur from Ohio that got stuck down here after a job didn’t pan out.

Since Aiden is broke and Jake hasn’t been laid in about 2 weeks I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get them to fool around for us on video. I just told them to fool around. They both grabbed their cocks and it was interesting to see that they didn’t even have undies on. They even took some of my jack off lube and as they checked out the pics in the playboys they began to jerk off those cocks of theirs.

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Broke College Boys – Aiden And Jordon

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am out by the pool hanging out with Jordan and Aiden. They didn’t even give me the time of day, they just began to kiss and touch while I filmed. I’m not sure if I am happy or disappointed in not being able to talk them into getting dirty for cash. They started by kissing each other and those boys sure can kiss. They make the French jealous with the zest and gusto at which they kiss. They didn’t leave their hands out of the action, as they kissed those hands roamed all over each other’s toned, hot bodies.

It was Aiden who made the first move and had his hands and lips all over Jordan’s body working his way down to his cock which he began to suck. Jordan liked what he was doing and put his hands on Aiden’s head to help him go down deeper and faster. I don’t think that Aiden really needed all that help, but it was hot to watch. He soon moved up to kiss Jordan again as he jerked on his cock. That cock got hard fast and it was throbbing with need when Jordan moved over to kiss Aiden and work his way down his body to his already hardening cock.

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Broke College Boys – Donovan And Aiden

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We are out by the pool again, this time with Aiden and Donovan. It seems that everytime that we see Donovan he is out by the pool. He states it is because they are in Arizona and it is hot. I think it is because he likes checking out the guys in their swim togs. Donovan states that he has been hanging out and working. He did a video for us before on his one year anniversary and of course he states that he will let his boyfriend watch it with him. That is a real turn on for him and he will fuck him hard. God I have to love that horny nasty boy. Aiden is heading home after tomorrow. He has to head back to Ohio and I think he will freeze his balls off esp. after going from Arizona in shorts to freezing his balls off. He did get to know quite a few cute guys here and got laid a few times.

Donovan tells us he might be taking a break from college he can’t really afford this semester. It seems that every semester it goes up. Donovan is studying photography and he is in need of money for college. I asked if I could talk them into doing a bit of something something for cash and they said maybe. They are both horny so it shouldn’t be too hard. (MORE)

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