Broke College Boys – Blake & Aaron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found the boys playing some pool just lounging around with nothing else to do. The bad part is that they both really suck at playing this game. I decided to play a version of strip pool with them. It was working out great I had them both shirtless in no time. This was getting better and better, I soon had Aaron naked and jerking on his cock for just a few misses with the cue. Blake however was doing ok, he still had his shorts and I owed him $200.00.

However things are changing and Blake got cocky and lost his shorts. Blake is still cocky even after Aaron misses his shot and has to kneel down and suck on his dick. Blake ups the ante, and when he misses the shot he has to suck Aaron’s cock until I am satisfied. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Aaron & Reigner

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am sitting here with Aaron and Reigner. Aaron is nineteen and spent the summer just fucking around not working at all. Reigner is twenty and states that he knows Aaron from the college bookstore. They both are pretty broke and in need of tuition money. I explained to Reigner that I pay some cash for odd jobs. I like Reigner he was easy. He showed me his cock for thirty bucks. I like the way this is heading. He just whipped that cock out of his Calvin Klein undies. Then I offered a hundred dollars to blow each other. I’m pretty sure that Reigner would have been ok with it, but as usual Aaron shoots me down. He states that he would do it for $300.00. Reigner agrees that would work for him too.

They begin kissing and it is Aaron who makes the first move and helps Reigner out of his undies. He just pulls them down he didn’t work them all the way off. He sucks that cock and Reigner moans in delight. Then he rolls off and Aaron returns the favor helping him out of his shorts and then reaches into his underwear to grab his semi hard cock. He begins to suck on that dick and Aaron leans back and just enjoys that tongue and mouth on his hard dick.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron And Jayden

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. Today the guys are hanging out playing cards and I thought I’d slip in and say hi. Aaron isn’t a stranger to us, but Jayden is. Jayden is eighteen and just starting college out here by us. He has been friends with Aaron for about 3-4 years. He is going to study law and wants to be a criminal lawyer. He states he likes it bad. Jayden tells us he is bi and does it with a smug look on his face with a big smile and a raised eyebrow. As Jayden tells us some sex stories Aaron lies back and looks like he is bored, but I know that he is seething down below. Aaron is a wild child with a sizzling sexuality.

Aaron tells us he is still single and that he has taken the summer off to relax and prepare for the new school year. Aaron tells us he went to a nude beach, but he didn’t have to hide any wood in the sand. They both need money for college, Aaron isn’t getting any scholarships he has a ton of loans. Jayden isn’t working and he is short on his tuition. Aaron didn’t tell Jayden what I do, so he set Jayden up for this. Then I proceeded to tell Jayden what I like to do and offered him $200.00 to blow Aaron. He tells me won’t even pay for a full book and I offer him $300.00 and then he replies how about four-fifty and I counter with $400.00. They both agree to the four hundred dollars to blow each other. It was great watching Jayden reach for Aarons pants, he looked like he was unwrapping a present and wasn’t sure what he would find inside. When he did find his flesh present he began to suck it without even taking Aarons pants off. Aaron of course leans back puts his head on Jayden’s head and smiles as Jayden sucks his dick.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron And Caleb

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I’m at Aaron’s dorm room as he works with Caleb on a project about human anatomy for school. Aaron is nineteen and Caleb is 20 and they are just laying around working on their laptops trying to get their paper done which is due in two days. They tell me that not enough of this project is done yet. I got them to take a break and chat with me. Caleb isn’t from here and he has 2 years left at college, and is trying to enjoy the night life with Aaron as his guide. They both know me so I set them up right off the bat and offered them $200.00 to fuck and they said no way. I then offered them $600.00 each and they said no. Aaron hits me back with a counter offer of $800.00. I tried to get out of it, but I finally agreed to the eight hundred dollars to see them fuck. They are so hot, I just couldn’t help myself, and I’m betting that you guys want to see them fuck too.

These guys were raring to go so I just let them do as they wish as I caught it all on camera. Aaron and Caleb met in the middle with a clash of hungry lips. Aaron ended up being the aggressive one and attacked Caleb’s cock with a vengeance. He got Caleb good and hard and they hadn’t even totally undressed yet. One of them is panting so hard from the excitement that you can’t miss it on the video, with all the action going on it is hard to tell who it is. Aaron does a great job sucking down that dick of Caleb’s. Caleb just leans back and enjoys, it doesn’t hurt that Aaron has his hand on his chest trying to keep that big guy down. Then Caleb gets the upper hand and begins to lick on Aaron’s body, but Aaron stops him so that he can take his shirt off, but there goes Aaron again attempting to be the top aggressor.

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Broke College Boys – Jordon And Aaron

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We are hanging out at the pool today with Jordan and Aaron. Jordan is six foot four and he is nineteen years old and a student in college. Aaron is 18 and he is five foot seven. He is a server at a restaurant. He doesn’t make much overall. He states that he gets hit on by guys and girls alike. He is pretty much a free spirit. He goes both ways. It didn’t take me long to ask them if they wanted to earn some extra money. I offered fifty dollars to get them naked. They ended up getting me for $200.00 just to take off their swim trunks. I then had to mention once Jordan was naked, that someone had told me that his pubic hair smells great. He told me that it does.

When Aaron got his trunks off his cock just bounces out. Now this is a big beefy ball park frank and it was plumping. Since that big cock was out, I mentioned that Aaron was hot and I’d give him two hundred dollars to go down on him. Jordan tells me it will cost me another $300.00 for him to go down on Aaron and for Aaron to go down on him. I didn’t even have to think about it I agreed right away and told Aaron he could go first. Aaron gave me a little smile and confirmed the $300.00 and then went right down on Jordon’s cock. Jordan is digging the way Aaron is sucking his cock and he rises to the occasion with Aaron’s help. I asked him what it tasted like if it tasted like three hundred bucks and Jordan asked him if it smelled good and Aaron states new car scent.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron, Justin, & Jordon

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It’s his birthday, it’s his birthday! Yep, its Justin’s birthday and Aaron and Jordan wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary for his birthday. When I walked into the kitchen these guys had already baked him a cake and added twenty candles for his birthday.

When Justin arrives he sees the cake and he is overwhelmed that they remembered his birthday. They didn’t sing happy birthday to him, but Aaron had a cake hidden behind him. He fell off the counter and onto Justin’s chest with that cake and it smashed cake and icing all over Justin. I suggested that he eat off the excess.

Jordan and Aaron both went after that cake on his chest and when they pulled down his pants his cock was already hard and ready to be licked and sucked. They moved cake and icing down to his hard cock and that made his meat even sweeter to eat. Both boys shared that cock together and it was definitely hot to watch. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Evan, Jordon & Aaron

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It was another damn hot day outside, and these boys took a break from landscaping to come over to my house and interview with me. Evan is 24 and he isn’t going to school right now. He is working and trying to find out if he wants to stay in my area or go back home to Indiana. Aaron is twenty and he is trying to get enough money to get his tuition. Jordan is still in school as well and can always use money for food, friends and just life.

When Evan hears that Jordan and Aaron are a tight bunch and love to tag team guys his eyes get big and he looks a bit nervous. All the guys have swim togs on and I wonder how they plan to landscape inside my pool. I gave them a short lecture about how to make money. That you have to actually work for it unless you come over to my house that is.

Then I told him that I had extra cash to do odd jobs. I started out with an offer of $50.00 to take their shorts off. The two older guys told us no, that they don’t get naked without at least $200.00, and since I offered $200.00 last time I had to stick with what I had paid before.
Evan stripped off first and showed us his uncut 7 inch cock. Then it was Jordan’s turn to reveal his cock and balls. Finally Aaron took off his shorts and showed us his nice package. I had Jordan and Evan help him with getting his pants off. (MORE)

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