Broke College Boys – Chris And Clay

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We are back for another fun adventure at Broke College Boys. Chris and Clay are cleaning one of the bedrooms in the house. I had them sit down and take a break. Chris is twenty and Clay is twenty-one going to college in L.A working towards his English degree. Chris is going into acting, and that is why he has that wild punk hair. He likes the hair now and has decided to keep it. Clay admits that he hasn’t done it with a guy before, but he is curious. Chris is used to me, but Clay isn’t so I told him that I pay for other things besides cleaning the house. After our chat he states he thinks that he has an idea of what I am going to be asking them to do.

I told him about my obsession with hot guys and offered him $150.00 to drop his pants and show off. I ended up paying him one hundred and seventy five dollars to drop his shorts and of course Chris was on board for that. Chris and I agreed he had a nice uncut package and I told him to step out of his shorts and kick back, and then it was Chris’ turn to show off his cock. Chris strips down and shows off his thick cock. Each and every time I see that dick it impresses me with his thickness. Now I pushed the envelope and asked Clay if he’d let Chris suck his cock. He suggested for $300.00 he would let Chris suck on him and I quickly agreed. This should be interesting as Chris has 3 piercing on his cock. Clay looks a bit scared he has never had a blowjob by anyone with a pierced tongue. To add to the fun I pull out some head candy and both boys were a bit shocked. I don’t think that they had ever seen that.

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