Broke College Boys – Tucker

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When me and the boys went out drinking and left Tucker at home he was pretty upset, but then it seems he found something to keep him occupied. He grabbed up my video equipment and left me a surprise. He found the lube and a toy in the bathroom and began by lubing up his hands and reaching into his pants to grab his dick. He gets that cock hard and it is just moments until he has the vib out and into his hand. He turns it on and begins to use it lightly on his balls as he continues to softly stroke his cock.

Tucker is having a blast as he watches his porn video and uses his vibrator to tickle his balls as he strokes his cock. You can see that he is really enjoying that vid and his facial expressions are great as he plays with his toned sexy lithe body. After awhile he really tarts to get comfortable on the toilet and stretches his leg out so that he can really use that vibrator to his advantage as he continues to stroke his dick. You can see by how Tucker expertly uses that vib that he is no stranger to jerking off his dick. At this point he has stopped watching the vid and is intent on making his cock hard and his hand really starts to jerk his cock as his vib is held under his balls for maximum enjoyment.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron

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Aaron and I are sitting on the porch at 8am. It seems that Aaron is flying back home today, and he is up early to wake up and get ready for his trip. If you don’t remember Aaron is 19 and still in college. He has 2 hours before his trip back home so I thought maybe we could take up some of that time by getting him to jerk off for us. I offered him $50.00 to jerk off for us and he turned that down. I had to sweet talk him into doing it. I reminded him a good orgasm is great for a hang over, and it was a beautiful day and perfect for jerking in the sun. I upped my offer to $300.00 to jerk off while I caught it on video.

He yawned and then had to think about it, but finally agreed, but wondered if he got the one hundred dollars to take his pants off too. I told him it was included in the three hundred dollars he was getting. I laid the camera, down and hopped in the house so that he could have semi-privacy. Just him, his cock and the camera. He started out by grabbing that hunk of meat and jerking on it smiling at the camera. At first he seems bored stroking his cock, but then he starts to get that cute little smile that he gets when his cock is made to feel good. I headed back out on the patio to hand him a vibrator that I’ve seen him playing with this week. It didn’t take him but a moment to turn it on and begin to tease his ass with the tip. He really looks like he is enjoying those sensations. He is totally awake now and aroused. He looks good jerking on his dick as that vibrator buzzes his ass.

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Broke College Boys – Danny

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Danny just got back from interviewing all day long, and the prospects aren’t looking good. He is worried he still owes $400.00 on his rent for the month. After hearing this I just went in for the kill and asked him if he’d like to make that missing rent money masturbating for me. He didn’t seem to shocked, but wasn’t going for just the four hundred. I bumped it up to four-fifty and he agreed. I told him that I was going into the house for a drink of water and when I got back I’d interview him and then he could do his thing. I headed in the house to get my drink, but left the camera on, and just check out what was caught on film.

Danny didn’t want to wait for me as he began playing with his dick inside his pants. He slowly teased himself and began to slowly strip as he played with his cock. When he saw the huge toy lying on the ground and lube he even mentions he might be able to do something with that. He continues to stroke his cock and then grabs up that rubber dildo, and after putting a condom and lube on it begins to play with his ass. I find it funny watching the video now that he keeps looking for me to come out and catch him in the act. It sure didn’t take him long to shove that rubber dildo up his tight ass while he strokes his cock. He begins to moan as he moves that dildo in and out of his sweet ass.

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Broke College Boys – Zach

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I had Zach over to fix my jeep. He is twenty-one years old and is a part-time student. He admits that he skips a lot of school and does a lot of repair work to help to fund his lifestyle and school. He had a girlfriend, and he has sex with her every other day, but he states he likes to jack-off more than have real sex. The great part is she loves watching him jerk off!

He has never been with a guy. When I heard that I figured what an easy guy I had to get naked and stroke. I started out with $25.00 to strip and show off his cock. It was even his idea to stroke his cock and cum for the camera. He stated he hadn’t cum in along while. I offered him at that point $100.00 plus the repair costs for the jeep repair. He stated it sounded like a good idea, and went right to work. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Justin

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I found Justin taking a nap on my couch, I had him over to wash the car, so I was a bit shocked he was catching some zzz’s on my couch. He told me that he had just finished and he dried it off, but he came in to take a small nap and cool off. I guess I can live with that.

I figured since I had him on the couch I had a captive audience well sorta. I asked if I could interview him for my night course, and he was hesitant but agreed eventually, I can see this being a hard sell to get him to stroke his cock, but I go ahead and try anyway.

During my short interview I found out that even though Justin is just nineteen that he has been having sex since he was sixteen. He is bi-sexual and his first sexual experience was with a boy in school. It seems they fucked in the public bathroom after school.

Justin wasn’t cheap he cost me $25.00 just to get him to take his pants off and show off his cock. He didn’t even take it out of his Calvin Klein underwear, he just pulled them to the side and let it poke its head out. Honestly, I found that very erotic. I think Justin had a clue what I was going to ask next, because he had a shit eating grin on his face, and didn’t really argue with me to much when I offered him $250.00 to stroke his nice dick and he even gets to cum! (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Scud

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Well here I am again with a poor broke boy that needs cash. This guy is Scud and he is trying to fix my broken pool cleaning equipment. He is bamboozled so when I offered him $25.00 to drop his pants, he thought that was a great deal.

I found out that he has jerked off with his friends before, and although he likes girls he wants to check out more guys and find out what the deal is with the guy on guy action. As he strokes his cock we talk about his college education and that he needs to get more cash for his school needs. He continues to play with his cock while he is talking with me and I offer him another $125.00 to jack off for me and he doesn’t even hesitate as he latches onto that extra cash and strokes that cock for real now. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Austin

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We caught Austin Davis reading the paper looking for odd jobs to help pay for some books and tuition. He is laying around in his towel all clean and ready to get dressed up to go out. Austin is twenty-four and heading towards his master’s degree in arts and graphic design. I guess that is why he got that kick ass tattoo.

Austin was getting ready to go out for the night, and we figured that he might want some extra cash. We started by asking him to show us his cock, which he didn’t have a problem with. That cock he had hidden gets hard by his girlfriend sucking on him and it extends to a six and a half inch length.

We asked Austin to masturbate for us and I offered him fifty to do that for us, but he declined he wanted to take his girl to a really nice place to eat so I upped it to $100.00 and he turned that down, but he agreed to stroke that meat for $200.00. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake

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Today is Blake’s last day he is heading back to where it is cold today. Blake loved being in the house and getting all the attention from the other guys in the house. We had a lot of fun with Blake and he will be missed, but I did get him to masturbate for us before he left and this is our sexy brunette Blake masturbating his cock in the living room for all of us.

Blake told us that before his wild weekend here no one ever watched him masturbating or shared his cock. Blake does a great job when he strokes his cock and when I asked him what he is thinking about he states that he thinks about having sex. I was hoping he was thinking about fucking me, but I somehow don’t think he was.

I handed over a bottle of lube, and some toys I had laying around the house. He says those might be useful later. He takes the lube and spreads it on his hard cock before continuing to stroke that beef. He has a super sweet smile of concentration on his face as he jerks his hard meat. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – David

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I had David cleaning out my gutters. It was 120 degrees outside and he was taking a break in my office. He says he does a lot of odd jobs and student loans don’t pay very much. He even states that he would do anything to make extra money so I offered him $25.00 to show us his dick, and he took me up on that.

I asked him if he jerks off with his buddies and he quickly stated that he has never jerked off with his buddies, but when he was alone in the shower with another swimmer he found himself excited and watched this guy jack-off. Then he grabbed his cock and stroked his own cock in the shower. (MORE)

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