Broke College Boys – College Boy Threesome

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Reigner who is twenty years old and Matt who is twenty-two years old. The guys were playing basketball and Reigner beat Matt in the game, but Matt is a lacrosse player, but that really isn’t an excuse for losing. It might be because Reigner kept really close to him on the defense. He wanted more than to play basketball with him, I know I watched them from the window for awhile.
I asked Reigner how he liked hanging out with Eric the last time he was here, and he said he enjoyed playing with Eric. He says that Matt is hot as hell though and he is all over that. I knew that this would be like shooting fish in a barrel and I offered five hundred for him to get busy with Matt. Matt states that his tuition is eight hundred and after sighing and bitching a bit I agreed. I am always trying to help the needy in college.

After agreeing they began to kiss and fondle each other. These guys look so great together they are on fire. As they are kissing on the couch I happen to catch Eric on the outside patio looking in an stroking his cock. Matt and Reigner haven’t noticed him yet, and they continue to kiss and Reigner works his way down Matt’s hot body. Reigner slips Matt’s pants down and begins to lick, kiss and suck on Matt’s dick. Eric has his cock out and in his hand watching this action as he leans against the window for a better view. As Reigner sucks on Matt’s dick he plays with his own cock. I notice Matt moving away from the window to sneak inside with the guys. He tells them this looks like fun and they agree to have him join them saying the more the merrier. He jumps right in and all three boys are kissing together.

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Broke College Boys – Jason And Rusty

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Sit back and get ready to see one of the kinkiest updates to Broke College Boys that we have had. Today I had Jason and Rusty with me in the bedroom and they both are short on cash as is normal around this house. During my interview with the guys I found out that Jason almost got bit by a rattlesnake during his run today. He says he jumped a mile when he saw that rattlesnake. I pointed out where the hospital was just in case it happens again. Rusty states he is still unemployed and trying to find money for his tuition. He is studying psychology and there is definitely tons of extra credit for work on these guys. Then Jason found a pair of handcuffs and I had to find out where or what he was doing for that. He mentions some cute guys that he had in here earlier.

Jason quickly snaps one on Rusty and I suggest that Jason handcuff Rusty up and make sure that he doesn’t break any rules. Rusty has fears of being tied up and I told him it was time to face his fears and get over them. I offered them five hundred dollars each for Jason to have his way with Rusty. Then Jason stated he’d do it for one grand. It took Rusty a bit of time, but he decided to face his fears and do it. I told Jason to enjoy him and away they went. Jason had a lot of fun with this he teased Rusty over and over again pinning him down and licking his cock and fondling it until it was rock hard. He had him out of his pants in no time. He left his undies and shoes on for the moment and teased Rusty’s pierced dick with his tongue and hand.

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Broke College Boys – Caiden And Lucky

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m in the kitchen with Lucky and Caiden. Lucky is the blond and Caiden is the brunette. They are both hanging out watching the game and doing some swimming in the pool. Both of these boys are twenty-three and going to college and racking up some serious expenses while they are doing it. They are hoping that I will give them some cash for college by doing some nasty things. It is what I do and they love it. I suggested $250.00 to blow each other, and they held out for a bit more. Lucky has a trip coming up that he wants some extra cash for and Caiden just needs the cash to fix a window in his truck. I offered them three hundred and fifty and they accepted that amount.

They started out with a slow French kissing and fondling session that was really erotic and hot, when they get to those pants they begin to feel those dicks. I was in shock for the first time since I’ve started filming the belt didn’t get whipped out of the pants. It was Lucky that dropped to his knees first and began to suck on Caiden’s hard dick. In my mind’s eye he really didn’t suck as long as I thought he should before he popped back up to kiss Caiden. Then it was Caiden’s turn to suck dick and he jerked on it first before licking and kissing his way down to that cock. You could tell right away that Caiden is no stranger to dicks, he sucked and licked that cock as Lucky moans and grabs his head to help him up and down on that dick. Caiden gave Lucky a moment and he hopped up on the counter and Caiden went back to sucking that long dick of Lucky’s. As he is sucking and stroking on Lucky’s dick his own hand slips down to grab his cock and stroke it a bit.

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Broke College Boys – Fourway

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. As you might have noticed the living room is trashed, it is amazing the amount of trash a group of boys can make when they get busy. They have been hanging out watching the tube and having a good time. I decided to check in on them and see what kind of trouble I could get them into. Blake is with us again, Tristan is next to him along with Branson on the other couch. Billy sneaks in as well. He is always late, and tells me he is interested in finding some more cash for college. I started talking to the boys and when I got to Billy I asked him if he finally told his girlfriend knew what he was doing for cash yet, and he surprised us all by telling us he finally told her. She said awesome! That is pretty exciting. She asked if he took it up the ass, and he told her there isn’t enough money for him to bottom in the world. I told him I had to differ and we should or will find out sometime I guess. She is pretty excited and wants a picture or two of the action sometime. We will have to set her up with some shots and make her day.

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Broke College Boys – Tucker And Cameron

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found Cameron and Tucker in the laundry room doing some laundry. They actually told me it was too hot to be in the pool. Ok, I’m a bit confused by that, but hey it’s up to them if they want to hop in the pool. Cameron found a guy here in town and got laid, but poor Tucker has been striking out and states that he is horny as hell. Neither boy has plans for the afternoon, so I figure I’d find them something to do for a few hours. I just threw out that I’d pay them a couple hundred bucks to fuck each other. They weren’t into that and I had to end up paying them nine hundred dollars each to fuck each other. I can handle that, but they have to really give me some hot action.
Since Cameron was on the washer, Tucker just reaches up and begins to undress and play with his cock. He is in the right position for a body licking and cock sucking and he sure does get it. Cameron is already hard and ready to roll into a hard sex scene. Tucker leans down and begins to suck on that hard dick. Cameron does a great job sucking that dick and deep throats it over and over again and Cameron watches and moans.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron And Jayden

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. Today the guys are hanging out playing cards and I thought I’d slip in and say hi. Aaron isn’t a stranger to us, but Jayden is. Jayden is eighteen and just starting college out here by us. He has been friends with Aaron for about 3-4 years. He is going to study law and wants to be a criminal lawyer. He states he likes it bad. Jayden tells us he is bi and does it with a smug look on his face with a big smile and a raised eyebrow. As Jayden tells us some sex stories Aaron lies back and looks like he is bored, but I know that he is seething down below. Aaron is a wild child with a sizzling sexuality.

Aaron tells us he is still single and that he has taken the summer off to relax and prepare for the new school year. Aaron tells us he went to a nude beach, but he didn’t have to hide any wood in the sand. They both need money for college, Aaron isn’t getting any scholarships he has a ton of loans. Jayden isn’t working and he is short on his tuition. Aaron didn’t tell Jayden what I do, so he set Jayden up for this. Then I proceeded to tell Jayden what I like to do and offered him $200.00 to blow Aaron. He tells me won’t even pay for a full book and I offer him $300.00 and then he replies how about four-fifty and I counter with $400.00. They both agree to the four hundred dollars to blow each other. It was great watching Jayden reach for Aarons pants, he looked like he was unwrapping a present and wasn’t sure what he would find inside. When he did find his flesh present he began to suck it without even taking Aarons pants off. Aaron of course leans back puts his head on Jayden’s head and smiles as Jayden sucks his dick.

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Broke College Boys – Billy And Jarrod

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m in the kitchen with two guys that like to think of themselves as Chefs. Billy is the cutie with the longer hair. His girlfriend thinks that he is out modeling underwear for a catalog. Jarrod is in grad school and is hoping to be a teacher. He wants to be in Israel and Germany and teaching language. He states that he isn’t gay or bisexual it should be determined. Both of these guys are broke and interested in making some extra cash. When Jarrod tells us that he only makes $40-80 dollars a week I knew that this might work. I offered them each one hundred dollars to blow each other, and it was Billy that stated no. I’m not sure if he was bashful or just hoping for money, but he said no. I did some fast talking and then offered $300.00 to them if they would blow each other while I watched. I think I had Billy hooked on three hundred, but Jarrod didn’t. Jarrod countered with five hundred and I thought about it and agreed to the price tag of this erotic action.

Jarrod hops up on the counter and Billy goes right for him. He helps him strip out of his clothes in a split second that was faster than superman changing in a phone booth. Billy seems to be doing a great job considering he has only been with one other guy before. Jarrod just leans back and enjoys the fantastic feelings from Billy’s mouth.

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Broke College Boys – Richie & Reigner

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Guys. Today I have Richie and Reigner hanging out with me; well I’m hanging out with them. They are just hanging out at the house having a good time; I caught Richie in the pool last night. Reigner just came by to check out the party last night and what was happening in the house today. Richie says he is looking for something exciting to do and of course asking me well that could get him into a lot of trouble huh? Reigner needs cash for rent again, I think I’ve paid his rent for the past 3 months so I know where he is headed and I hope Richie is on that track as well. Richie mentions that he needs money too. That leads me to believe we are going to be heading towards my normal goal here in a moment.

I just went for the kill and asked them if they would fuck for $500.00. Reigner tells Richie to hold out for more cash and offers me $800.00 to watch them fuck. Riche agrees to the eight-hundred and off these boys go for a hot fuck session while we watch. Richie gets up to get closer and kiss Reigner. When he gets closer Reigner grabs that ass and pulls him closer in. That was a quick hot moment. Then they begin to take off those shirts and show us some skin. I am curious why is it that gay men always pull each other’s belts off when they get ready to fuck. Richie states it is because it gets them ready, and Reigner states it’s because it is hot. I guess that answers my question huh? What do you guys think? This question is driving me bananas.

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Broke College Boys – Thomas, Mark, And Keith

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Once again I take a small trip and come home to some video action that they try to do when I’m gone. This time Aaron takes a turn at the video wheel and I was hoping he steered the porn video down safe waters. I found out quickly as he was interviewing Thomas, Mark, and Keith that he wasn’t to good at the bargaining situation. He spent a lot of my cash on this home video of these three cute guys. If the guys weren’t this cute I’d have been really pissed off. He paid them fifty dollars first to just kiss each other, that was ok, but then he paid them $250.00 more just to strip and they even left on their underwear.

Then he just starts slinging the cash out, he offered Mark another three hundred to give Keith head. At this rate I’ll come back to an empty bank account. Then he gives Keith three hundred to suck on Thomas’ cock. I will say that both Mark and Keith did an excellent job going down on those hard dicks. Then Thomas goes on over to suck on Mark’s dick as Keith kisses him over and over again while stroking his cock. This might pan out to be a great little home video after all. Mark begins to stroke Keith’s dick as Keith watches Thomas suck on Keith’s cock. Everyone seems to be getting very excited and the moaning is increasing. This is when Aaron breaks in and offers them $500.00 to suck and fuck each other. They barter with Aaron and he has to go up to seven-fifty each for this sucking and fucking action. I hope it is worth my hard earned cash.

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