Broke College Boys – Tucker

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When me and the boys went out drinking and left Tucker at home he was pretty upset, but then it seems he found something to keep him occupied. He grabbed up my video equipment and left me a surprise. He found the lube and a toy in the bathroom and began by lubing up his hands and reaching into his pants to grab his dick. He gets that cock hard and it is just moments until he has the vib out and into his hand. He turns it on and begins to use it lightly on his balls as he continues to softly stroke his cock.

Tucker is having a blast as he watches his porn video and uses his vibrator to tickle his balls as he strokes his cock. You can see that he is really enjoying that vid and his facial expressions are great as he plays with his toned sexy lithe body. After awhile he really tarts to get comfortable on the toilet and stretches his leg out so that he can really use that vibrator to his advantage as he continues to stroke his dick. You can see by how Tucker expertly uses that vib that he is no stranger to jerking off his dick. At this point he has stopped watching the vid and is intent on making his cock hard and his hand really starts to jerk his cock as his vib is held under his balls for maximum enjoyment.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron And Caleb

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I’m at Aaron’s dorm room as he works with Caleb on a project about human anatomy for school. Aaron is nineteen and Caleb is 20 and they are just laying around working on their laptops trying to get their paper done which is due in two days. They tell me that not enough of this project is done yet. I got them to take a break and chat with me. Caleb isn’t from here and he has 2 years left at college, and is trying to enjoy the night life with Aaron as his guide. They both know me so I set them up right off the bat and offered them $200.00 to fuck and they said no way. I then offered them $600.00 each and they said no. Aaron hits me back with a counter offer of $800.00. I tried to get out of it, but I finally agreed to the eight hundred dollars to see them fuck. They are so hot, I just couldn’t help myself, and I’m betting that you guys want to see them fuck too.

These guys were raring to go so I just let them do as they wish as I caught it all on camera. Aaron and Caleb met in the middle with a clash of hungry lips. Aaron ended up being the aggressive one and attacked Caleb’s cock with a vengeance. He got Caleb good and hard and they hadn’t even totally undressed yet. One of them is panting so hard from the excitement that you can’t miss it on the video, with all the action going on it is hard to tell who it is. Aaron does a great job sucking down that dick of Caleb’s. Caleb just leans back and enjoys, it doesn’t hurt that Aaron has his hand on his chest trying to keep that big guy down. Then Caleb gets the upper hand and begins to lick on Aaron’s body, but Aaron stops him so that he can take his shirt off, but there goes Aaron again attempting to be the top aggressor.

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Broke College Boys – Jake And Danny

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. In this update, I was away and Hunter, you remember Hunter from some earlier updates takes over the camera and this is what he came up with. This update has Danny and Jake hanging out at the house and it is Jake’s birthday. I wonder what he will get for his birthday. They tell Hunter that they haven’t planned yet for his birthday because it depends on what hunter will do for them money wise. That started the ball rolling and Hunter after watching me offered them $50.00 to strip out of their clothes, but they wanted more and it took Hunter another fifty dollars to get them naked on camera.

Danny even helps Jake out of his underwear and now it seems that Danny can’t keep his hands off of Jake. Jake also lost his wallet last week and although he has gotten some of his money back he is still short, so Hunter offers him $300.00 to go down on Danny. He jumps down on his knees agreeing and starts to suck on Danny’s cock. Then Danny moves to work on Jake’s birthday candle. Jake says yeah it is my birthday. Danny goes down and devours Jake’s cock, but it isn’t long until we see Jake sucking on Danny again. Jake also has a great handle on his own dick and he strokes it as he licks and sucks on Danny’s dick. Danny then goes back to licking, flicking and sucking on Jake’s dick. Danny is doing a great job sucking that dick and even though we saw on our first update with Danny that he hasn’t done a lot of cock sucking he has really learned the art of cock sucking fast.

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Broke College Boys – CJ And Jarrod

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I love it when the guys stop in I get free labor. Today the CJ and Jarrod are out washing my assistant’s car. I thought they were gonna wash mine, but I guess they got confused. Jarrod is twenty-seven and still looking for a job. Cj is here just having a good time. He says he has hooked up a bit while he was down here esp. in the house. The sex just flows easily in our house of broke college boys. After I watch them wash the car a bit and we chat for a bit. I point out the pool in the garage. It isn’t a great pool, but it is full of cool water.

I finally talked them into coming inside to hop in the pool. We talk about what they might be doing after hanging out with me and I tell them that since they are going out tonight anyway that perhaps they should warm up for it in the pool. It worked out that I had to pay them $100.00 to just take off their trunks. The entire time Jarrod is talking shit about Cj’s heritage. These guys are pretty funny to talk to and watching them get naked is a real trip as well. It didn’t take me long to talk them into fucking each other for an additional $1000.00. I wanted to pay five hundred, but they talked me into one thousand. I wanted to see it all.

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Broke College Boys – Danny And Justin

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Danny and Justin. They had a wild night last night and ended up staying all night at the house. Danny and Justin both go to school together. They met in history class and Justin asks him over to party quite a bit. Justin is 20, he just had a birthday. He states his birthday was good. Justin is six foot two and single and loving it. Danny is twenty four and he is five foot ten, he’s bi-sexual and he’s currently single as well. Justin needs money and Danny states he doesn’t really need money, but sometimes he can use a bit extra. It never hurts to have extra cash. Danny states he is adventurous and I asked him if he would show me his dick for $50. He turned that down, then I offered $75 he relented and said ok.

Justin and I both decided that Danny had a nice cock. It was then that I offered them each $150 to blow each other. They both stated that it was too cheap, and I had to go up to $500 for them to suck each other off. I Thought they were both hot, and at that point I didn’t mind that they get me for $500. I am hoping in my mind that it gets so intense that they just start fucking and it won’t cost me anything else. The guys took their shirts off and Danny admits that he has only had one blowjob in his life from another guy. I tell him that Justin is a great little cock sucker right before Justin moves over to kneel at Danny’s feet and begins to kiss him before going to his dick to lick and suck it. This is hot already and I’m feeling some pressure from my cock against my zipper.

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Broke College Boys – Eric And Matt

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This is Eric and Matt. I found out both guys are bi-sexual. Eric is 19 and Matt is 22. Eric has a girlfriend, but she has no idea that he is here with us being naughty. Matt is single, he broke up with his girlfriend. She didn’t like he was doing boys although she was licking pussy. Wild, but true. Matt is going to college for engineering. He wants to follow his dad and what he did. Eric is going for his Poly-Sci degree, and has no idea what he is going to do with his life. No one knows where Eric is, he sorta skipped town. The only one that knows he is here is his roommate, and he thinks it is hot that he is here with us. We sat around and talked about sex and virginity for awhile and when I thought they both seemed hip to the idea, I talked to them about doing some nasty things for me for cash.

I started out with an offer of $100.00 each to blow each other, and then I raised it to $200.00 when they started freaking out a little bit. I then offered them both $350.00 each to blow each other. They looked at each other and I knew I had them. I was right they launched right into kissing and jerking on each other. Eric was rock hard by the time that Matt leaned over to suck on his raging hard-on. That dick was thick and huge, but Matt managed to man handle it into his mouth while squeezing on Eric’s balls. He even deep throated it a few times making Eric moan in pleasure. Matt had Eric in heaven as he continued to suck and squeeze his cock and balls. Eric wasn’t sure what to do fly off the couch in ecstasy or explode in pleasure.

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Broke College Boys – Reaper And Blake

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I was sitting around with Blake and Reaper, and Reaper was telling us about his boarding accident. He was watching a fine ass babe when he fell and hurt himself. He even showed us his road rash he got during the incident. After seeing a bit of his naked hip, I decided to just go for broke. I offered them $50.00 to take off their shirts that was an easy request. We can now see these two hot boys with their shirts off. They look a bit tanned then before; I guess they are hanging outside shirtless. I then took the next step and I talked them into doing more than taking off their clothes. I talked to them a bit and as we know Blake is a horny guy, and Reaper of course had his first sexual experience with a guy for us as you saw in our updates from before.

I was shocked to find out Reaper is bigger than he looks. We started to talk about weight as Blake went to take off his pants and get to his cock. Reaper weighs 140 and that is a bit shocking. He sure doesn’t look it. You can tell by Reaper’s face that he is enjoying how Blake is sucking on his cock. He even puts his hand on Blake’s head to help him go up and down. Then it was Reapers turn to take on Blake’s cock and he did a good job starting with some jerking and then lowering himself down to bob up and down on that hard dick using his hand as well. Blake sure is enjoying that.

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Broke College Boys – Jordon And Billy

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I am hanging out on the back patio in the pool with Billy and Jordan. Today is Jordan’s 23rd birthday. Now you know I love birthdays and so does Jordan. I told him that Billy is his birthday present. He is going to try and make all his wild fantasies come true. After we goofed around outside in the pool for awhile, I moved the boys inside so that Jordan could enjoy his birthday present in the privacy of the house. The back patio is private, but sound carries and I had a feeling that Billy would make Jordan explode in pleasure, so the guys changed into some dry clothing and we all went inside.

As soon as we were all settled the boys went right to kissing. You can always find Billy by his wild attire. He has on those bright yellow and black shorts, while Jordan opted for more laid back shorts. It doesn’t take Billy long to use his tongue to lick and taste his way down Jordan’s chest. You can see by Jordan’s have hard cock that he is enjoying all the attention that Billy is giving him. Jordan then takes his turn at licking and sucking all over Billy’s hot body. Billy gets so excited that he stands up so that he can feed his cock directly into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan doesn’t mind in fact, he begins to lick Billy’s ballsack as he jerks him with his hand and then continues to give him a great blow-job that drives him crazy.

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Broke College Boys – Mark And Reigner

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. This was taken while I was out on vacation, so let’s see how the guys did while I was gone. They got Mark and Reigner together, and asked them point blank how much it would cost for them to get naked. They started out with $500.00. I was a bit shocked, that’s a lot of green just to see skin, but then after these boys began to get naked they looked great together! They did agree to get each other off for an addition $150.00 so that wasn’t too bad right? Mark jumped right on Reigner’s cock and began deep throating that dick like he was starving to death and needed that cock to stay alive. Now that is the type of cock sucking that I enjoy watching.

Then they swapped places and Reigner was fondling Mark’s dick as he gave him deep French kisses. I really wish I had been there to see this hot action in person. They continued to kiss and jerk on their cocks as they did so.

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