Broke College Boys – Reaper And Chris

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Chris brought Reaper with him because Reaper needs to move. He is a skater and it seems no one likes him. Reaper is nineteen and Chris is twenty. Chris has tuition due again and he needs cash. I found out that Reaper is straight and Chris of course is gay. Reaper seems to be pretty open-minded; his last sexual experience was with a girl that included bondage and even some golden showers. He states that was getting pussy and he went along with it so he could get that pussy. I told him that since he is so open minded then perhaps this might be a good chance to try something new. He did mention that has fooled around a bit with other guys when he was drinking. He has blown a guy and gotten blown.

I offered $50.00 for him to go down on Chris, and he stated no, He isn’t drunk this time. He decided to do it for $100.00. Chris is already hard as Reaper pulls his pants down, and then I talked Reaper into sucking on that cock and Chris states that he is doing a pretty good job so far even if he is sober. Reaper states it tastes like skin when I asked him how it tasted. After a little while he states this isn’t half bad. That was pretty shocking coming from a straight guy. As he is sucking Chris sneaks his hand up and begins to rub his neck and head a bit. Reaper is even getting a bit hard while he sucks on Chris’ big dick. He decides that kicking back and letting Chris suck his dick wouldn’t be a bad idea. Chris looks great as he sucks on Reaper’s dick. Chris has a fine body and no matter what he is doing he looks good doing it. Reaper is enjoying the pleasure of Chris’s mouth on his cock.

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Broke College Boys – Donovan And Aiden

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We are out by the pool again, this time with Aiden and Donovan. It seems that everytime that we see Donovan he is out by the pool. He states it is because they are in Arizona and it is hot. I think it is because he likes checking out the guys in their swim togs. Donovan states that he has been hanging out and working. He did a video for us before on his one year anniversary and of course he states that he will let his boyfriend watch it with him. That is a real turn on for him and he will fuck him hard. God I have to love that horny nasty boy. Aiden is heading home after tomorrow. He has to head back to Ohio and I think he will freeze his balls off esp. after going from Arizona in shorts to freezing his balls off. He did get to know quite a few cute guys here and got laid a few times.

Donovan tells us he might be taking a break from college he can’t really afford this semester. It seems that every semester it goes up. Donovan is studying photography and he is in need of money for college. I asked if I could talk them into doing a bit of something something for cash and they said maybe. They are both horny so it shouldn’t be too hard. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Jason, Cody, And Landon

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Landon, Jason and Cody are playing cards when I catch up to them. They are trying to figure out how to make some money, and I told them I might be the right person, but I wanted to get to know them better. Landon is 23, he is going to college and he has three more years to go. He is gay, but doesn’t have a boyfriend for now, but he did get laid about 3 weeks ago. He states he lost his virginity when he was 16 years old. He lost his virginity and got caught while doing it. He even ran out of the house naked, talk about wild and hot. Jason is going to college for ecology and wants to help animals. He is nineteen years old. He lost his virginity early and they had to drug their friend who came over so they could fuck for the first time. It is pretty funny that they hate each other now.

That leaves us with Cody. He is bi-sexual and he is twenty-three years old. His girlfriend doesn’t know he is bi, and he is going to college as well to be a barber. He has an option to go cut wood all day long for $80.00. This is when I offer to pay these guys to fuck, and they begin to discuss how much they would take, because they have college books to buy. I offer them $1000.00 to fool around and they ask if I have that kind of money and I tell them yes they debate it a bit more and decide that they will do it for a cool grand each. Jason is fondling and touching Cody while Landon begins to jerk and stroke on Jason’s hard cock. Landon states that Jason has big dick and I have to ask if he only has one cock in there. Then they all drop to lick and suck on Cody’s hard prick as they pull down his underwear. He moans as Landon sucks his cock and Jason nibbles at his balls. Then Jason sucks his cock and Landon sucks his balls.

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Broke College Boys – Keith And Jake

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The crew headed over to Keith’s house. They had planned a little solo jerk off action, but when they got there was Jake as well. Jake lost his wallet, credit cards and cash. He is one broke boy. He needs to get home tomorrow and has to buy a plane ticket home. Keith told him to head over to his house and he might make some extra cash. We offered him $100.00 to do a duo jerk off with Keith, but he wasn’t buying. He did agree to jerk off for $200.00. We agreed of course and we got this fuck party started. These guys seemed a bit shy at first and we had to tell them to lose the pants. They grinned and did it. They sat down then and began to jerk those cocks off. It was a nice site to see. I was pretty excited and told Jake to help Keith by jerking on his cock for another $50.00. As he is jerking on Keith we talked a bit about the last videos they did and I asked what it would cost to see more than jerking action and we settled on a price tag of $325.00. That works for everyone involved and it isn’t long until Jake is on his knees grabbing Keith’s hard cock.

Keith is really digging how Jake sucks on his hard cock. Jake has a sucking jerking combo that is hard to beat and you can tell by Keith’s face that Jake is rocking that cock. This cock sucking action was taking place on the patio and it is super hot, When it was Keith’s turn to grab Jake’s cock he went at it like a mad man. Jake had to sit down so that he could enjoy that deep throat action that Keith is giving him. These guys are on fire. Keith doesn’t let go of his own meat either, he strokes and jerks on that cock as Jake moans. With all that hot action I offered Jake a total of $500.00 so that he could get his plane ticket back so he can get home. He didn’t mind that at all and gave me a I wanna fuck anyway look. This should prove to be a hot fuck. Jake is going to be the bottom and Keith gets a chance to fill that tight ass with his dick and bust him wide open.

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