Broke College Boys – Aaron And Blake

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I found Aaron in the kitchen washing up as Blake watched him. I made Aaron stop doing the dishes to chat with me. I asked him for a sexual story. It seems that he fucked one of the guys at the condo, while he was on duty. That is pretty hot and then Blake tells me that he met a guy at the gym and he ended up sleeping with his trainer. He doesn’t even know how it happened. I quickly asked them to take their shirts off for a mere fifty dollars and they agreed. These guys are so easy, I have to love them. Blake has some color so he must be doing some tanning on his vacation. I told them that we had a lot of you guys requesting to see them together again and that really made them feel good.

I asked them if they wanted to do something together. Aaron states he has finals, but Blake is up for some traveling cash for his vacation. I asked Aaron how much it would cost for him to go down on Blake. He offers to do it for $300.00. I can’t believe how much he wants. I finally agreed because you guys want to see these two together.
I also asked them to kiss first, and offered an additional ten bucks for some hot kissing action. These guys were fast on that and began to give each other some cock warming kisses. Aaron seems to be in a bit of a hurry as he kisses Blake then moves on down to take off his pants and fondle his cock in his undies. Blake is semi hard by the time those undies come off and Aaron has no problem stuffing that thick hard cock in his mouth and beginning a nice wet blowjob. Blake is moaning and his mouth stays open as Aaron works his mouth magic on that dick. Blake states that he sucks good as he enjoys that mouth magic. Then Aaron goes down to lick and suck on Blake’s balls driving him nuts at my suggestion.

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Broke College Boys – Aaron

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Aaron and I are sitting on the porch at 8am. It seems that Aaron is flying back home today, and he is up early to wake up and get ready for his trip. If you don’t remember Aaron is 19 and still in college. He has 2 hours before his trip back home so I thought maybe we could take up some of that time by getting him to jerk off for us. I offered him $50.00 to jerk off for us and he turned that down. I had to sweet talk him into doing it. I reminded him a good orgasm is great for a hang over, and it was a beautiful day and perfect for jerking in the sun. I upped my offer to $300.00 to jerk off while I caught it on video.

He yawned and then had to think about it, but finally agreed, but wondered if he got the one hundred dollars to take his pants off too. I told him it was included in the three hundred dollars he was getting. I laid the camera, down and hopped in the house so that he could have semi-privacy. Just him, his cock and the camera. He started out by grabbing that hunk of meat and jerking on it smiling at the camera. At first he seems bored stroking his cock, but then he starts to get that cute little smile that he gets when his cock is made to feel good. I headed back out on the patio to hand him a vibrator that I’ve seen him playing with this week. It didn’t take him but a moment to turn it on and begin to tease his ass with the tip. He really looks like he is enjoying those sensations. He is totally awake now and aroused. He looks good jerking on his dick as that vibrator buzzes his ass.

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Broke College Boys – Chris And Clay

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We are back for another fun adventure at Broke College Boys. Chris and Clay are cleaning one of the bedrooms in the house. I had them sit down and take a break. Chris is twenty and Clay is twenty-one going to college in L.A working towards his English degree. Chris is going into acting, and that is why he has that wild punk hair. He likes the hair now and has decided to keep it. Clay admits that he hasn’t done it with a guy before, but he is curious. Chris is used to me, but Clay isn’t so I told him that I pay for other things besides cleaning the house. After our chat he states he thinks that he has an idea of what I am going to be asking them to do.

I told him about my obsession with hot guys and offered him $150.00 to drop his pants and show off. I ended up paying him one hundred and seventy five dollars to drop his shorts and of course Chris was on board for that. Chris and I agreed he had a nice uncut package and I told him to step out of his shorts and kick back, and then it was Chris’ turn to show off his cock. Chris strips down and shows off his thick cock. Each and every time I see that dick it impresses me with his thickness. Now I pushed the envelope and asked Clay if he’d let Chris suck his cock. He suggested for $300.00 he would let Chris suck on him and I quickly agreed. This should be interesting as Chris has 3 piercing on his cock. Clay looks a bit scared he has never had a blowjob by anyone with a pierced tongue. To add to the fun I pull out some head candy and both boys were a bit shocked. I don’t think that they had ever seen that.

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Broke College Boys – Dean And Kenneth

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m just hanging out at the house with Dean and Ken. The guys meet at an after hour’s gay club. This was Dean’s first time, and since it was a gay club we can assume that they are both gay. Ken saw Dean dancing and he thought he was better looking than his current dance partner, and pretty much took him away. He cock blocked that other guy so he could be with Dean. I found out that Dean is just 19 and Ken is 25 and from New York. These guys are down here to scout out colleges. They like the weather; they both find it to be much warmer than in New York. They have been hanging out here while they look swimming and enjoying the house atmosphere.

I know these guys will need money for college, and I offered them $500.00 each to fool around while I watch a bit. Dean was a bit shy, so I offered to up the amount to $800.00 and after Dean flirts with him a bit he agrees. It took a lot of talking, so I hope that the anticipation makes it worthwhile! Ken was on dean quickly, but then I realize it was Dean who has a strangle hold on Ken’s cock. After some initial kissing, Ken gets a hold of Dean’s zipper and tugs it down so that he can pull out his cock and stroke it. I mention that it is always the shy guys that get naked first. Then Dean leans over to stroke on Ken’s cock as he has his stroked. It doesn’t take long with this touching and kissing before Ken gets in a position to lick and suck on Dean’s cock. Ken knows how to suck cock as he licks and sucks on that cock; he fingers that tight little ass of Dean’s. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Jason And Landon

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m hanging out with Jason and Landan. Jason is the cute brunette and he is 19 and Landan is the hot blond and he is 23. If you notice Landan is so flexible it’s pretty unreal. He is showing Jason how flexible he is and Jason admits he can’t do any of the stuff that Landan can do. He likes to mess around and see how long he can keep a position etc. I want to know what other moves he has been showing him. I love Landan’s accent. That is a big turn on in and of itself. The guys like the condo, but I think it is o.k. Landan states he calls this a flat. I told them about the house with the pool and stripper bar we had installed, and Landan states that Jason loves to strip and he loves to dive, so that would have been perfect.

They are both in school so they are taking a break from school. They took the weekend off from college and since they have already been stripping and swimming at the local pool, I figured what the hell. I asked them what it would take to get them naked. When I mention money college and books, they perk up. Books cost a lot and I asked them both if they were gay, and they stated yes. That was one barrier we broke through. I offered $500.00 and Jason was a bit leery. He is worried about this video being out and about. I offered $800.00 and Landan mentions he is going into the medical field and his classes and books cost a lot more. I then offered $1000.00 each. They wanted to know what was included. I told them the full deal. That I’d even let them choose who bottoms who. They agreed, and it was on!

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