Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. I’m sitting here with Blake and Jordan who are working on a final project together. Blake had that class before so he is giving Jordan some much needed background and inside tips. It is due in two days, and although Jordan had two months to work on it, he hasn’t done much. It is a good thing that Blake is going to help him out with it. Jordan is twenty-two and he is sorta seeing someone on and off. His latest sex adventure was when he went to his bosses wedding and he hooked up with the two guys that were doing catering for her. They took off with Jordan and didn’t come back. Blake is still twenty and he didn’t feel like telling us a sex story. He is always so shy. He states the last time he got laid was the last time he came and visited us at the house. I am always horny so I did my best to entice the guys into fucking each other. I offered seventy-five dollars to go down on each other. They told me that was too low. They told me that even though college was just about over for the summer they needed money to party with. (MORE)

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Christmas Orgy @ Broke College Boys

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Merry Christmas from Broke College Boys. We have put together a special Christmas update as our present to you. As you can see we have Santa sitting in his chair ready to read to our boys a special Twas the Night Before Christmas in the Broke College Boys style. We have seven sexy elves for you to enjoy as Santa reads his poem! Your Christmas elves are Caleb, Donavan, Justin, Jake, Landon and Cameron and Eric. Before we get started Santa wanted to tell us all Merry Christmas and then all those elves took a turn wishing us a Merry Christmas except for Cameron who wished us a happy holiday! What a smart ass huh?

As Santa began his sexy tale, our elves began to get rowdy and kiss and fondle each other. I guess that poem really works its magic fast. Caleb, Donovan, and Justin broke into a threesome as Jake and Landon began to share some deep kisses. Of course being in the back Cameron and Eric became a hot little twosome. It didn’t take long before the boys started to swap partners. Caleb and Donvan turned into a twosome and Jake and Landon added Justin in for a threesome. When Cameron became the first naughty little elf; Eric slides down to join in the fun that Justin, Landon and Jake are having. Cameron made sure that everyone on his side was topless, but still had on their Christmas head gear. After seeing what Cameron was doing Eric decided to help his friends out of their shirts as well. When everyone was shirtless they went back to kissing and fondling each other. We had Cameron and Eric on the top level, Caleb and Donovan, and then the threesome of Justin, Jake and Landon. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Kenneth, Donovan, Justin & Johnny

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. Today I found the guys on the back porch patio area playing poker and drinking a bit. All the guys are semi nude so I can’t help myself. I have to get involved. The first thing I did was to found out who was who. I found out that Kenneth is 25, Donovan is 18, Justin 27, and Johnny is 19. When I asked them about last nite they all giggled and chuckled, but noone really gave me a good story. The best story was Donovan who jerked off on a guy that was sleeping.

The guys kept playing poker and even though they teased Donovan about his losing, he won the next hand. That mean that Kenneth and Justin lost and they had to peel off their clothes. I find it interesting that no one seems to be undie free. That left Donovan and Johnny with clothes on. With all those semi-naked guys hanging out; I had to up the ante so to speak and get them all naked at once with some cash bribes. It cost me $200.00 because Johnny had to be stubborn. I sighed and agreed just to get the rest of the guys naked. That was pretty expensive, but I had to see these guys nude.

Since I had them naked I thought I’d have them do a bit of playing around. I threw out a $600.00 price tag, they asked for a cool grand. I told them for a grand they each had to do each other. Then some of the guys didn’t like the price. I ended up having to pay $1500.00 each to fuck and suck each other crazy. They toasted each other then broke into couples. I had Donovan and Kenneth and Johnny and Justin together. They all started out with kissing and light licking that drove each other insane. I noticed that Johnny was sucking the shit out of Justin’s cock. I swear straight boys suck the best cock. Then I turned to see why Kenneth was moaning so much and I found Donovan licking and sucking on his cock. He would even lean down and grab that ball sack and nip it a bit and that drove Kenneth insane with lust.

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Broke College Boys – Danny

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Danny just got back from interviewing all day long, and the prospects aren’t looking good. He is worried he still owes $400.00 on his rent for the month. After hearing this I just went in for the kill and asked him if he’d like to make that missing rent money masturbating for me. He didn’t seem to shocked, but wasn’t going for just the four hundred. I bumped it up to four-fifty and he agreed. I told him that I was going into the house for a drink of water and when I got back I’d interview him and then he could do his thing. I headed in the house to get my drink, but left the camera on, and just check out what was caught on film.

Danny didn’t want to wait for me as he began playing with his dick inside his pants. He slowly teased himself and began to slowly strip as he played with his cock. When he saw the huge toy lying on the ground and lube he even mentions he might be able to do something with that. He continues to stroke his cock and then grabs up that rubber dildo, and after putting a condom and lube on it begins to play with his ass. I find it funny watching the video now that he keeps looking for me to come out and catch him in the act. It sure didn’t take him long to shove that rubber dildo up his tight ass while he strokes his cock. He begins to moan as he moves that dildo in and out of his sweet ass.

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Broke College Boys – Max And CJ

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Max and CJ are cleaning up the shower after a long weekend. The shower is really dirty from a lot of usage so it really needs a good cleaning. The guys had a great vacation; met new people, went swimming and even did a bit of tourist shopping. Both of these boys bought a cactus to take home. I teased them that they were taking home a bunch of little pricks. Cj states that he likes big pricks and I mention that he is standing next to one. I’ve heard rumors that Max has a big prick. Cj grabs Max’s package in his boxers. We chatted a bit more and Max states how about I cut to the chase and you pay me $1,000.00 to fuck him. Cj states that he will even show off his flexibility.

He takes his undies off stating he doesn’t want to get them wet. Max chimes in that you know you’re gay if you don’t want to get your undies wet. Then turns around and soaks his own boxers in the water. Cj states that he likes expensive shit and doesn’t want it ruined. He then proceeds to get on the shower floor where he puts one leg up and around his neck. Now that was damn impressive. He states he used to be able to suck his own cock. Shit, I’d never leave the house if I could do that. I agreed on the thousand and Max starts to peel off his clothes. Cj has a nice package and he states that he told it was good. When we get Max and Cj’s cock together we are talking foot long ballpark plump when you fuck them cocks.

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Sinn

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, today we are in my garage. Sinn is changing my oil and Blake is washing the car. The guys give us a quick hello, and Sinn tells me that my oil is great that it wasn’t a quart low like I had anticipated. Which makes me happy. He is my current mechanic and is about to change the oil in the jeep. I had them stop what they were doing and come up to visit me and the camera. They both agree that it is too hot to get much work done. I told them to stick around when summer hits it will be horridly hot. Sinn is twenty-three and is six foot four. He is a big well built dude. He works on cars a lot and hangs out by the pool and loves video gaming. He stopped in to earn a few extra bucks. The rent is due again, and he is a bit short. He is straight and currently has a girlfriend. His girlfriend knows that he is helping out a friend with a car, but she doesn’t know that he is here. She wouldn’t be to hip knowing he was with us. We won’t tell her will we? Shhh mum’s the word.

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