Broke College Boys – Caiden, Tristen, & Billy

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Well I check out the garage where the guys are supposed to be moving shit and find them all sitting around checking out porn. They found a whole bag of porn magazines. I deny that any of those are mine, that this isn’t even my house, but the boys don’t buy one word of it. Damn the luck! Caiden is twenty-three, Billy is twenty, and Tristen is twenty-three as well. Tristen works out and it shows, he has a nice toned body. He just graduated college, and is trying to find a job. He is a personal trainer, but that is just a fill in job while he looks for something that pays better.

Billy is in school and he isn’t working at this time. He is going to school for psychology and theology. I was thinking to myself, hmmm theology and he has his nose buried in that porn magazine. Caiden is almost six foot tall and he is in college to be a nurse. He wants to be a traveling nurse and work in Hawaii. They get wages, room and board and a sunny state, what more could this cutie want. Caiden is bi-sex gay, and if a woman came to visit he’d fuck her boyfriend. Caiden isn’t dating anyone at all right now. He was engaged before, but she slept with her girlfriend. After that she realied that she has been a lesbian all this time and that pretty much ended the wedding plans and the relationship.

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Mini

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Here we are again on the patio with Blake and get this Mini Me so Horny. Now if that doesn’t make you laugh I’m not sure what will. It seems that nickname became his in high school. Since he is so short, they called him Shorty, but at some party his friends started to call him Mini, but now he is Mini Me So Horny. He is sitting on the patio with Blake, and since jobs are so scarce they are supposed to be adding gravel to my driveway, but instead they are sitting on the patio drinking fruit punch. They are both looking for extra cash and since it is so hot, I figured they could interview with me and well you know I might talk them into something else.

It seems that Mini is twenty-two years old and from this area. I found out that he is a personal trainer, and that he is straight, but curious. His girlfriend loves that he is so versatile that he can play with other guys and it turns her on and that turns him on. Blake is twenty and he lost his virginity at nineteen a bit of a late bloomer, but that is ok. He lost his virginity to a tall blonde asshole. Mini also had a bad experience, but it turned out ok in the end. I told the guys that I love to see guys naked, and I could pay them $50.00 to see them nude, but it wasn’t enough to entice them into taking off those clothes. Mini really pressed me hard to give them more cash to get them naked. I ended up having to pay $200.00 each to get naked. Blake was up for it, two hundred dollars covers his bills. Mini mentions that he doesn’t normally get naked like this, but hey its two hundred dollars.

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Broke College Boys – Mark & Keith

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I’m sitting here with Mark and Keith. Mark is twenty and Keith is 24. We are at Keith’s friend’s house. He lets him hang out there and grade papers when he isn’t at home. Keith was grading some papers and they decided that they needed to take a break and hopped into the pool. I was shocked a bit that they weren’t skinny dipping considering how well they got along at the strip poker game that I saw them at last time. Mark doesn’t really doesn’t know anyone so he made a new friend in Keith. The college really frowns upon the students hanging out with the student aids, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Mark’s family doesn’t know that he is fooling around with his student aid teacher as well. If they knew they’d pull him back to Michigan. They don’t even know that Mark is gay yet.

Keith pretty much plays it straight at school in fact, this is Keith’s first time fooling around with a student, and he hasn’t done this before. He is going for his teacher degree he hasn’t decided what he wants to teach yet. I remind him teachers don’t make a lot of money, but I have lots of things that they can do that pay. I offered them $150.00 each to watch them blow each other, but they turned me down flat. I reminded them of book costs and red pen costs. I upped it to $250.00 and reminded them that they would end up blowing each other anyway, so that got them to agree to that cost.

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Broke College Boys – Kyle & Hunter

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys, I’m sitting here with Kyle, he is going to the local university, and into the graduate part of his studies. The tuition hikes are killing him; he doesn’t get grants or anything. He does a lot of odd jobs to pay for his tuition including bar tending, cocktails and stuff like that. He came here to do some landscaping, but it’s 112 degrees outside, so I don’t see that happening today. I told him that I was going to do a mini interview him so I could show the tape to other friends that need someone to do odd jobs. He was ok with that and I started talking to him about some of his previous work.

He does lots of outside work like pool cleaning. He doesn’t have a skimpy Speedo, but he does have some nice shorts. He states he was hit on by the pool owners before; the guy was waiting for him outside by the pool naked and asked if he needed any help. Kyle stated he didn’t at the time, but there was another time that they ended up jerking each other off. This guy was married and his wife wasn’t home. It was hot as hell outside and the guy asked Kyle if he was hot, that he could jump in the pool. Kyle just had on cargo pants and the guy told him it was ok. One thing lead to another after that and they eventually jerked each other off.

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