Broke College Boys – Blake And Jordon

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I found these two guys sitting inside watching TV instead of being outside painting my deck. It might have to do with it being about 110 degrees outside. I can see they aren’t going to give me any hard labor for the day. I called them pussies, and they agreed. I guess I’ll have to find them something to do to earn some money. They need to earn some money for college. Blake is 21 and Jordan is 22. They both go to college, Blake is going to school back east and Jordan is going to school here working on his 3rd year. His tuition is past due and he needs to get that paid. I told them I’d interview them to show other people wanting to hire guys to do odd jobs.

I found out both guys are single, and believe it or not they are both gay. Jordan looks straight, but he is gay. Blake is gay, but he fucks women, go figure that one out. He considers himself gay and wouldn’t ever fall in love with a woman, but he doesn’t mind banging them. Blake states he even banged a professor’s daughter once. As we continue to talk I find out that Blake has been on a website before and that it involved his being in some gay porn videos. That is when I offer to give them each fifty bucks to suck each other. I upped it to one hundred and twenty five dollars and that wasn’t enough. When I hit two hundred dollars each they agreed to suck each other.

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Jasper

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Jasper stopped in to help me paint, he saw my ad in the local paper and since he needs funds for college he came on over. He states it’s hard to keep a job when he is studying in college. I found out that Jasper is 23 and he does a lot of odd jobs while he is going to school He states that he enjoys hiking, running, swimming outside type hobbies. You can tell because he has a very athletic body. When I told him that I was taping him for my class in college he was down with that. He found it surprising that I wanted to be an interviewer. I really had to work though to get him to show me his cock, he turned down twenty-five and then fifty dollars. I then asked him to shoot me a number and he stated $1000.00 I was like tell me a real number. He then stated $200.00 then I countered with $175.00 when we finally agreed on a number it was $150.00 just to show us his cock.

He shocked me twice after agreeing to the hundred and fifty. First off he had on some wild ass underwear with babes smoking and weird clowns and crap, but when he pulled them down to show us his package his cock head was pierced and that is definitely something you don’t see on a daily basis. When Hunter drops in Jasper is hoping he isn’t there to help him paint, but when I mentioned that there are other ways to make cash he sorta clammed up. I didn’t have to offer Hunter any cash to pull out his cock. Then Jasper freaks out a bit and wonders what I’m at, but he likes the way Hunter looks and mentions what a nice cock he has. That was all it took for me to offer him some more money to suck Hunter’s cock. He balked at first, but then agreed for another smooth $150.00.

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Broke College Boys – Tristen & Branson

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I think this is a first for Broke College Boys, both of the guys we have today are bi-sexual. Tristen states that he is bi-sexual and he prefers guys 70% of the time. Branson hasn’t been with a lot of guys, but he liked what he has had so far. Both guys are 23, but Branson is six foot two and Tristen is five foot seven. Branson is going to school to learn about eyes, possibly optometry, I can’t stand things around my eyes or dealing with eyes, so it is good to have people like that around. Tristen is looking for a job, he just graduated college and is being a lazy bum for the moment.

When I had them relaxed I offered them one hundred dollars to blow each other. Tristen tells me he got paid more for that last time, so I upped it to three hundred dollars and Tristen came back with three hundred and fifty. I agreed and Branson was happy and pleased with that amount. I had him take his shirt off and this boy is built considering that he doesn’t work out at all. He states he runs from time to time but that he must be blessed. When he pulled his shorts off we got to see that he is blessed. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Chris & Ricky

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Chris and Ricki took my jeep out for a ride and I’m betting that it is covered in mud and filth hell there might be a body stashed away somewhere. Ricki is the brunette and he is 21, and Chris is the blonde and he is twenty. The guys are working on ways to make money for college. Well Ricki has a girlfriend to and she is breaking him. They both go to college here, and Ricki is in his third year of criminology, and this is Chris’s first year. He is just getting started.

I got them to agree to me interviewing them and I told them I’d do a reporting type job. I asked Ricki what his sexual orientation was, and he said straight, but he needs money bad for tuition and paying for his girlfriend’s presents. Chris states he is pretty gay. These guys are actually friends and Ricki stated it was a bit different at first, but he has to push Chris away a few times. They both thought that was pretty funny. Ricki states he lost his virginity at 14, but he won’t fuck and tell. Chris can’t remember when he lost his virginity. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Danny & Caleb

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Welcome back to another update to Broke College Boys. In this exciting update we have Danny and Caleb. Caleb is twenty and six foot 1 and Danny is 24 and five foot eleven. They are in the shower after taking a skinny dip in the pool. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I’m not sure what will. I felt like I was on Let’s Make A Deal today, I had to really work with these guys to get them to fuck each other. I felt a little gypped, this house is like the love boat, and I knew they were going to fuck anyway, but I ended up paying them $900.00 to fuck each other while I watched. It will be worth it, so I don’t mind spending the money.

As soon as the money deal was sealed, they began to kiss. These guys are fantastic kissers and you could tell that they were turning each other on with those slow passionate kisses. It wasn’t long until Caleb our tall boy went down to his knees to give Danny’s cock some love. Danny is moaning and states that it feels really good.It was soon Danny’s turn and he gave as good as he got. He loved licking and sucking on Caleb’s cock as he jerked hard on his own. The water streaming down in the background really added to the exotic feel of this shower duo. (MORE)

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