Broke College Boys – Zach

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I had Zach over to fix my jeep. He is twenty-one years old and is a part-time student. He admits that he skips a lot of school and does a lot of repair work to help to fund his lifestyle and school. He had a girlfriend, and he has sex with her every other day, but he states he likes to jack-off more than have real sex. The great part is she loves watching him jerk off!

He has never been with a guy. When I heard that I figured what an easy guy I had to get naked and stroke. I started out with $25.00 to strip and show off his cock. It was even his idea to stroke his cock and cum for the camera. He stated he hadn’t cum in along while. I offered him at that point $100.00 plus the repair costs for the jeep repair. He stated it sounded like a good idea, and went right to work. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Nate

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I’m hanging out with Blake and Nate in the house. Nate is here for the weekend visiting family and trying to get some cash for school from his Dad. His dad isn’t too hip on handing him more cash yet, and has him dangling worried about if he is going to help him pay the college bills. Blake is back to visit us and he got really burnt hanging out by the pool all day.

Nate has been working out and he is getting bigger. He has gained 8lbs and he seems lean, mean and definitely hot. He is studying for a test he has tomorrow. Blake is hanging out with him reading a book on math. He isn’t a math major, but he does have a test in math next week. They have been studying so hard by the pool that Blake has quite a burn and he will have a burn line near his ass. Nate doesn’t have a tan line he is tan already from using those tanning beds.

Both boys are worried about paying for tuition. Blake works as a waiter and he isn’t getting many tips these days and is really worried about his tuition. That sounds like a winning deal for me though. I offered them both $400.00 to swap blow-jobs with each other. That will pay for some of those books they have to buy for next semester. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Austin & Justin

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Austin is hanging out with me on the porch as I have a beer. He is in grad school soon he will be kicked out into the real world and no more college fun. While we were chatting about school Justin dropped in to say hi, he goes to the college here as well.

Justin is 19 and he doesn’t have classes until 9am so he could hang out with us for a bit and just have some fun. I decided to interview the boys, and I found out that cute Justin is only nineteen and with all his school work and trying to make a few bucks when he isn’t in classes he just doesn’t have time to date. Austin is dating a cute girl, but she has no clue that he came to visit us. Sometimes not telling someone your out for a beer or hanging with your guy friends can be a good thing.

I found out both Justin and Austin are having a hard time paying for classes and books this semester. I love hearing that and of course offered them both $50.00 to let Justin suck off that straight boy. They both rejected that idea, and said that might pay for half a book, but they needed full text books. Since that wasn’t enough; I had to really negotiate hard to get them to allow Justin some cock sucking action. I just had to see this, so I finally ended up offering them $300.00 to let Justin go down on him. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Danny

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The boys realized that I am lurking about every corner and waiting to take some snaps and video shots. Today I was hanging with Danny. He is going to college to be a bio-chemist. This smart boy is gay, but not dating anyone as of now.

Blake is twenty-one and he came down here to find a job to pay for his tuition. He really hasn’t found much work to help him to get into college. Blake isn’t worried; he knows that I will find something for him. I asked Blake how he liked it down here, if he saw many bugs, snakes and scorpions. Blake hasn’t seen many snakes, but he has seen some scorpions while visiting us here at Broke College Boys.

The guys agreed to let me watch them shower from swimming without my having to even pay! Danny loves the shower that we have here in the house. The water runs down around these rocks and it just feels so unique and outdoorsy. It is like taking a shower in a waterfall. (MORE)

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