Broke College Boys – Justin

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I found Justin taking a nap on my couch, I had him over to wash the car, so I was a bit shocked he was catching some zzz’s on my couch. He told me that he had just finished and he dried it off, but he came in to take a small nap and cool off. I guess I can live with that.

I figured since I had him on the couch I had a captive audience well sorta. I asked if I could interview him for my night course, and he was hesitant but agreed eventually, I can see this being a hard sell to get him to stroke his cock, but I go ahead and try anyway.

During my short interview I found out that even though Justin is just nineteen that he has been having sex since he was sixteen. He is bi-sexual and his first sexual experience was with a boy in school. It seems they fucked in the public bathroom after school.

Justin wasn’t cheap he cost me $25.00 just to get him to take his pants off and show off his cock. He didn’t even take it out of his Calvin Klein underwear, he just pulled them to the side and let it poke its head out. Honestly, I found that very erotic. I think Justin had a clue what I was going to ask next, because he had a shit eating grin on his face, and didn’t really argue with me to much when I offered him $250.00 to stroke his nice dick and he even gets to cum! (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Aitan and Issaih

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The boys were over at the house putting together a bed that I have had laying around for awhile. I got these boys from the local college and although they have some wild names they are good guys and willing to help me out. They are also cute and I love that in my college boys. I found out that Aitan is straight and Issiah is a bit of everything. That perked up my attention right off the bat. I found out both guys are single, and not really looking. They are focused on school and working to pay for college.

I started out slow with these guys and offered them some green to just show those cocks to the camera. Issiah asked like just to whip it out and I said yeah. I finally caved in for $50.00 each for a cock show. They had to think about it a bit, when Aitan mentioned they needed the money for rent they relaxed and decided to do it. Aitan showed his first and it was a nice looking cock. Then it was Issiah’s turn. He showed off his chocolate stick and that was good as well. I of course didn’t want to stop there, and I offered more money to get them to stroke each other’s cock for a bit more. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Scud

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Well here I am again with a poor broke boy that needs cash. This guy is Scud and he is trying to fix my broken pool cleaning equipment. He is bamboozled so when I offered him $25.00 to drop his pants, he thought that was a great deal.

I found out that he has jerked off with his friends before, and although he likes girls he wants to check out more guys and find out what the deal is with the guy on guy action. As he strokes his cock we talk about his college education and that he needs to get more cash for his school needs. He continues to play with his cock while he is talking with me and I offer him another $125.00 to jack off for me and he doesn’t even hesitate as he latches onto that extra cash and strokes that cock for real now. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Nate & Hunter

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I was shocked to find this video in my collection, because I hadn’t remembered taking it. It seems that Nate and Hunter decided to make their own movie. I was shocked they knew how to use a camera and take a movie by themselves, so I had to sit down and check this shit out.

I had no clue that Hunter had been wanting to fuck Nate all week and hadn’t had a chance. I guess this was his lucky chance to fuck Nate and also to make a video for us. I was shocked and I have to admit pleased. Nate leaned over and began a tongue dance with Hunter and as Hunter got excited he rolled Nate over and helped him to pull off his pants leaving him with just his undies and that bulging cock of his undeneath. He nibbles on his nipples while Nate tries to get Hunters pants off his nice round ass. Nate can’t take too much of this and helps Hunter out of his pants and undies.

These boys totally forgot about the camera an just went at each other. When they were both totally naked they began to kiss again and Nate licked and nibbled at Hunter’s chest, before sliding down to gobble up his hard and ready cock. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Cj, Hunter, & Blake

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I found Blake and CJ watching porn instead of working. I had to stop and ask them why they weren’t working and were hanging in the living room watching a hot gay porn video. It seems these boys had gotten all their work done ahead of time.

After two days these boys were so chummy together that I didn’t think it would cost me much money to see them blow each other in the living room, boy was I wrong. It took me $500.00 to get them warmed up. CJ told me that they liked to work fast, which meant he wanted to get to the bottom line on the cash for full blown out sex.

To help them with their tuition and books I ended up paying them both $1500.00, and they agreed to that amount of green to fuck and suck each other while I got them on tape.
CJ seemed to be the aggressive one and just leaned Blake over and started kissing and playing with his 6-pack. That boy is amazing because he has such tight abs even though he doesn’t work out. That makes me so jealous. It is horrible when people don’t even bother working out to have such a fine tight body. (MORE)

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