Broke College Boys – Evan, Jordon & Aaron

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It was another damn hot day outside, and these boys took a break from landscaping to come over to my house and interview with me. Evan is 24 and he isn’t going to school right now. He is working and trying to find out if he wants to stay in my area or go back home to Indiana. Aaron is twenty and he is trying to get enough money to get his tuition. Jordan is still in school as well and can always use money for food, friends and just life.

When Evan hears that Jordan and Aaron are a tight bunch and love to tag team guys his eyes get big and he looks a bit nervous. All the guys have swim togs on and I wonder how they plan to landscape inside my pool. I gave them a short lecture about how to make money. That you have to actually work for it unless you come over to my house that is.

Then I told him that I had extra cash to do odd jobs. I started out with an offer of $50.00 to take their shorts off. The two older guys told us no, that they don’t get naked without at least $200.00, and since I offered $200.00 last time I had to stick with what I had paid before.
Evan stripped off first and showed us his uncut 7 inch cock. Then it was Jordan’s turn to reveal his cock and balls. Finally Aaron took off his shorts and showed us his nice package. I had Jordan and Evan help him with getting his pants off. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Hot Tub Fun

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Max, CJ, Lucky, and Blake are enjoying my hot tub and I thought we would do some interviewing with them while they were having a good time. You will see more of these boys in later episodes here at Broke College Boys, so this is a fun way to get to know these boys. They quickly paired off with CJ and Max and Blake an Lucky licking and sucking in the water.

If you didn’t notice, let me point out that CJ has a huge fucking cock. That will be a real big beef pole for one of these guys to ride if they get to that point. CJ does a great job sucking on Max’s cock and the water bubbles and fizzes around him as he gobbles on that pole.

In the other corner we have Blake and Lucky who are definitely having a good time as they kiss and fondle each other at the water’s edge. It isn’t long until they swap off again and its Blake and Max and Cj and lucky, these guys want to taste all the flavors before getting down to business. As lucky and CJ are kissing and licking a purple dildo is handed over to them and they get some sexy ideas I am sure. CJ begins to lick and rim Lucky’s tight ass with his tongue. I flipped the camera around to check out Blake as he played cock diver in the hottub and when I turned around CJ was boning Lucky’s tight ass. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Hunter & Justin

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Justin is retooling the fireplace trying to make some extra cash for school. He has been here to the house a few times so he knows that I like to buy guys to do other odd jobs. Hunter liked doing the two other videos that he has done for me before. Justin isn’t shy he has told his friends what he is doing, and I thought it would be funny if sometime Justin walks in and finds his friends jerking their meat to one of his videos.

During the interview Hunter happens to stop by and visit. As always Hunter has good timing. Hunter knows Justin and they have been friends for awhile so I didn’t have a problem asking them to do some sexy odd jobs for me while he was hanging out.

When I asked Hunter if anyone knew if he was doing these type of movies, he said his girlfriend did, and she wants to Google him and find all of his videos and the kind of guys that he is boning to pay for his tuition. I told him I’d send him the link directly in email so he can show her the guys he is fucking; he blushed, but didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that.

Since both these guys are getting ready for school again Justin needs tuition and Hunter needs gas money to get to Florida I asked the boys how much they’d charge me for blowing each other. Justin suggests $200 and Hunter states $350 I met them in the middle for $275.00 each to give some great oral action to each other. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Blake & Evan

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Evan and Blake were in the house today. If you remember Blake is twenty years old and was visiting us on a mini vacation. I love it when the boys just drop by to say hi and maybe fuck for us for cash;) Evan was also with us and he is also looking for a bit of cash. He is doing odd jobs landscaping and can always use a few more greenbacks.

I found out that both boys are single and on the prowl trying to find a cute guy to hang with. What is amazing is that both of these boys have great bodies and they don’t even work out. That is so sucky for us that have to push our limits to stay trim. When I saw those naked chests I offered them $300.00 to go down on each other, and Evan suggested $400.00. I quickly accepted that offer and since these guys have never hooked up I figured that would be worth watching. (MORE)

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