Broke College Boys – Circle Jerk

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This is one barbecue you won’t want to miss as the boys get together for a little fun and games in the backyard. They had a busy week around the house helping out with odd jobs of all types. You have seen most of these boys before, but you’ll notice that Nate is in the cook’s position and has on a very nice apron, but not much else. Then we have Clay the monster, then Hunter, Tyler, and last, but not least is Chris.

As we talked about summer break I mentioned Black Beach and that it is a nudist beach and of course Tyler states that he can’t handle old people at the beach with all those wrinkly dicks. I have to say I had more fun in this shoot then some of the others. It was just so relaxed as everyone was just hanging out and relaxing. Tyler being the self proclaimed Power Top gets naked first and then cute bottom Chris takes off his pants and shows off his amazing package in sexy underwear. Then we get Hunter finally to take off his shorts. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Chris & Seth

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We got Chris and Seth together in a bedroom and the fun began. These guys are both checking out books and I found out that Seth was checking out colleges where he can complete his master’s degree.

Upon our arrival Chris wanted to know why I had my video camera along with me, well I told him I was trying out a new concept. You can tell Chris from Seth by his Mr Evil/Mr Nice hair and dye job. He is majoring in art, IE haircut? LOL Seth is the pencil looking geek and he looks straight as hell, but during our interview I found out that he is bi-sexual.

I found out that Seth lost his virginity at 15 by both girls and boys. He even had some hot sex in a classroom when school wasn’t in session. Chris told us he lost his virginity to a guy in a field. He said it was the most mind blowing sex he has ever had.

At the end of the interview I found out that Chris is a bottom and everyone perked up upon hearing that. I moved right into the odd jobs that we had for the guys to earn some golden coinage. I tried to be cheap and Seth told me no way, he wasn’t touching that cock for less than $200.00. Chris agreed so I got them both to licking and sucking for few hundred dollars. They didn’t need any prompting to get into a 69 position and suck those Oscars. They looked great as they gobbled down each other and moved those dicks back forth deep into each other’s cum hungry mouths. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Clay & Nate

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Welcome back to Broke College Boys. Today we have two California dudes with us. We have Nate the cute blonde who likes to surf and is majoring in Psychology, and Clay who isn’t into surfing that much and majoring in English. Clay wants to be a travel writer. This would combine his love for travel and make him some coin as well. They both admit college is very expensive and they are broke as a joke.

That is why they came in to visit, we offered some cold cash and when your broke you’ll do almost anything to make a few dollars. They came to the house to work on some odd jobs and put a dent in the tuition, but after our session I think they enjoyed what we had in store for them much much more. That is exactly the kind of guys that I like! broke and desperate dudes. Although they did make me pay them $250.00 to just show off those cocks. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – David

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I had David cleaning out my gutters. It was 120 degrees outside and he was taking a break in my office. He says he does a lot of odd jobs and student loans don’t pay very much. He even states that he would do anything to make extra money so I offered him $25.00 to show us his dick, and he took me up on that.

I asked him if he jerks off with his buddies and he quickly stated that he has never jerked off with his buddies, but when he was alone in the shower with another swimmer he found himself excited and watched this guy jack-off. Then he grabbed his cock and stroked his own cock in the shower. (MORE)

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Broke College Boys – Austin & Nate

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I had Austin back to the house again. He doesn’t mind doing the odd jobs that I have for him. This twenty-four year old is majoring in art and can always use some extra cash. He was already comfy on my couch when I got there watching some porn and chilling after working all day. He told me one of his odd part-time jobs is security at a mansion. He invited me over to the mansion someday. I told him that would be great to have him getting head and banging his girlfriend on camera in a mansion.

Today we are shooting once again at my house and I called Nate in. You prob remember Nate, he is a cute eighteen year old blonde cutie who loves to fuck other guys. Since Austin was already getting horny watching porn, I was hoping to talk Nate into sucking and fucking him for our cameras.

Nate works me for the cash and he agreed for $250.00 to go down on Austin. Austin then says no, so I have to raise the price to $300.00 for Nate to give Austin a blowjob. As soon as Austin dropped his pants Nate was there to gather that twig into his mouth and turn it into a hard stick that needed to be taken care of. Austin is shy and is still pretty new to allowing a guy to suck his cock so he continues to watch some porn to get into the mood. (MORE)

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